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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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proud of us

Bring on the Hurting

Time to try something new, hc_bingo, why not?  A couple of mine, I have to go look up on the list though, "arena" and "moving", hmmm.... And honestly most of these made me laugh because they were already the subject of an episode of Supernatural, so I'm excited to try and come up with something new the show hasn't already covered!  I suppose that would mainly be the C part of HC.

arena hiding an injury / illness job-related trauma self-harm moving
humiliation isolation asphyxiation shipwrecked undeserved reputation
trust issues time travel gone wrong WILD CARD head trauma bodyguards
natural disasters de-age wings dub-con toothache
culture shock loss of voice gaslighting arrest accidental mating for life

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It is a nice card, I'm so excited and have a page full of ideas already written out. But no plan on how to actually make a bingo...

"Accidental mating for life"!!!! OMG LOL!! "Opps, I fell into mating with you! And it's for life!"

(Seriously, I bet that would be a kickass story!)

I have to look mine over, I just glanced at it quickly yesterday!!

Guess exactly which story I want to start on first? Hah, of course! I have a short outline already...

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