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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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proud of us

Supernatural Pairing Bingo Again

I'm super excited this is happening again this year! It's such a fun challenge and a lot of really cool fic came out of it last time.  So if you want a chance to write some pairings you'd never even considered, go sign up too!

And I'll point out, the pairing you're writing doesn't have to be sexual or romantic, it can be friendship.  Which is a good thing because my mind will not go to some of the places that would be required by the pairings on my card otherwise.

My card is under the cut! Ack so many ideas...
Castiel/ Crowley Sam/ Dean Dean/ Lisa Anna/ Ruby Jo/ Bela
Abaddon/ Henry Winchester Kevin/ Gadreel Dean/Alpha Vampire Crowley/ Meg Castiel/ Crossover
Lisa/ Sam John/ Alastair WILD CARD Dean/ Minor!Canon Human Crowley/ Samandirial
Sam/ Alpha Shapeshifter Sam/ Jody Mills Dean/ Minor!Canon Creature Lisa/ Meg Charlie/ Crack Character
Dean/ Castiel Benny/ Lenore Sam/ Ruby Dean/ Linda Tran Annie (Alex) Jones/ Krissy Chambers

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Oh yeah, the Benny/Lenore pairing really got my imagination going. You know how Ty played a bartender way back in season 2, I kind of want to use that somehow...

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