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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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proud of us

Spoilery Musings on a S10 character

cole sam s10
So I was thinking about this new Cole character that we see tying Sam up in the preview pictures for season 10. And that name, Cole was ringing a bell for me and I remembered, Cole Griffiths.  The ghost boy who Sam & Dean got how-to-be-a-kickass-ghost lessons from in 4.15 "Death takes a Holiday".

So get this. (said in my best Sam imitating voice), Jeremy Carver wrote that episode.

cole 415What if the new Cole is actually ghost boy Cole Griffiths possessing some guy to go after Dean? I could see that since Dean was the one who convinced him to go off into the light  with Tessa the Reaper and leave his mother.
Dean: “ But trust me. Staying here is a whole lot worse than anything over there.”cole goes 415
Maybe as a spirit, Cole could twist that all around and blame Dean somehow for lying that it was better for him to move on. Also could be to blame for the Veil being torn apart, and possibly letting Cole back onto Earth out of Heave or wherever he was.  Maybe while on Earth he went back and saw his mother and she really didn't do too well without him after all and that triggered him into vengeance.  Maybe he just blames Dean for being the one to encourage him to cross over. And in that way that spiritas that have hung on too long get all twisted up he possesses someone, the guy we see hunting Dean and tying up Sam in the previews.

We were told by Jeremy Carver and/or  Bob Singer that Cole wasn't "just a hunter", that he was something else and that he was after Dean for some reason. Well, maybe just maybe they've finally gone back to revisit some of the rich history of what the Winchesters have left in their wake. Think of how many characters are out there in the spn universe that would hold a grudge against one of the brothers. And how rarely we ever see that sort of real-life consequence come to play itself out.

But honestly all I truly care about is this
: supernatural-season-10-photos-1
Really, sometimes, I think they're trying to kill us.