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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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proud of us

Impossible Season 10 Wishes

So excited about the season 10 premiere tonight. That retrospective last night was terrific, hit all the high points, and I loved all the focus on the brothers.

Things I am wishing for in season 10, possibly spoilery:

For Sam to be the one to save Dean. Give me that and I can take just about anything else.

For this to be resolved or followed up somehow: CAIN" "Make me a promise first. When I call you, and I will call. You come find me And you use the blade on me." I would love to see the return of Cain in some way, and I would really love that he comes back because he needs the Mark back from Dean.

For Dean to say out loud to Sam, that he's sorry for what he did to Sam last season, he's sorry for leaving him on the bridge and that he truly gets it that he went too far.

For Sam to reconfirm for Dean that what he said at the end of The Purge indeed was a lie. Maybe not in words but in deeds.

For this to be followed up on somehow, Dean to Crowley: "After I kill Abaddon you're next." I love Crowley, but they keep threatening to off him and then they don't for no apparent reason. Keep him around, fine with me, but give a reason that makes sense in the story.

For Crowley's son to be an ongoing character and his time traveling to have changed the present in an interesting way.

For Metatron to get gone asap. To spend as little time as possible on the angel war as they can get away with. Just not interesting to me.

I'd love to see more of the bunker, Sheriff Jody please, Death, Chuck and Charlie too.

I need to see with my own eyes that Sam got his anti-possession tattoo redone, isn't it about time for a Sam shower scene?

And just for the hell of it, even though I know it's completely forgotten by now, I hope they see Jesse the Antichrist again.

I've been watching a lot of season 9 on the TNT marathon today. It's not as bad as I remember it.

Looking forward to seeing new show on my TV tonight!

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I also want Sam to save Dean.


Yes to a Sam Shower Scene, sounds pretty unanimous! And Sam has to save Dean, otherwise, well I don't know what I'll do...the show won't make much sense to me anymore. So positive thinking is in order, Sam Will Save Dean.

Your wishlist is fantastic. I would gladly take even one of these things. :)

Thanks, glad you think so! And I too would take even one of the things I listed, but we shall see what they come up with.

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