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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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proud of us

Black As the Heart of a Demon

I delayed watching the new episode until the Giants had finished winning (hurrah!), but it was very hard to wait until 9:30 and stay off social media.
How cute was Jensen's first live tweeting? I loved it, and hope that next time he live tweets with Jared. I'd love to see them get into a twitter argument about something related to an episode or filming.

So after a re-watch today, here's my thoughts on the first episode of season 10.

Starting out with "Heartbreaker" was awesome, love that song, has a lot of energy and drive and very much suits the episode.
I find myself still pretty 'eh' about the angel business, glad it didn't take up too much space in the ep. Hannah and her questioning Castiel about human things was actually a bit interesting. And I liked the two angels on the run, camping out. Too bad they had to kill one off. Why didn't Cas somehow slurp up the grace of the angel he killed? I mean, they were able to trap Anna's in a necklace, remember?  Hannah's reaction to Cas' wardrobe malfunction was pretty goofy and a little confusing. If he's so humanized now, wouldn't he have known what was going on a little quicker?  I liked how she got nauseous in the car and his solution was to "take the curves a little faster."

So it starts out great, as I am super curious about the time jump, what happened? Especially with Sam's arm. And why isn't Cas resting and recuperating at the bunker and is by himself in some skeevy motel room? *Crosses fingers* and hopes for flashbacks that probably aren't going to happen.  I was happy to hear Sam talking to a new (hunter maybe?) person on the phone who seems to be helping and caring about him. Good to know he's not completely alone.

Cas saying, "I can help," and Sam answering "We tried that" as if it was pointless because he knows that either Cas is in too bad of shape (but he's not up to both taking care of him and searching for Dean) or that Cas was holding him back from going darkside in his quest to find Dean.

"you can't blame me for what that demon did to your shoulder"  Cas says, and now I'm really interested to know what really happened with that?!
Sam's response was kind of half-hearted and a little put-upon, "I'm not blaming anything on you, what happened, happened and you need to be worrying about yourself. I really shouldn't have bothered you."

10.1 sam with goodbye note
When Sam was walking around the bunker alone, and then reading Dean's note on his pillow, it honestly made me tear up. It was really much sadder than in the preview when seen in context. He's so very very alone. And he's been leaving Dean's room undisturbed, the note still on the pillow right where Dean left it four weeks ago. To me that means that Sam's been going back in there, missing Dean, and re-reading that note over and over again. Trying to figure out what it means, "Sammy let me go."  What did Dean mean? And where did he go? How the hell did he get up and leave since he was dead? God, think of the confusion and anger and sorrow and Sam's been there all alone stewing in it. Or out in the world banging on demons for information. Or with Cas out breaking his arm somehow. I really hope they give us a flashback to that time. Maybe when Sam fesses up to Dean about what he's done to save him (remaining hopeful about that still!)   I just keep picturing Sam going into Dean's dark, empty room and reading the note and crying himself to sleep on the memory foam bed that no longer remembers the weight and shape of his brother. :-(
10.1 sammyletmego note
And that note, the simplicity of the words, the ALL CAPS insistence, the silent please, the overt command, the use of SAMMY. Ahhhh. Sam holding onto it with both hands like he can connect with his brother through the paper somehow and figure out the mystery of his disappearance.

10.1 Scary Sam
Sam was really scary with that demon. So unhinged and ready to tear her apart to get what he needs. And when she said "eat me."  It made me shiver, the look he gave her, like he was seriously considering it, or at least drinking her blood. Maybe that's the "dark road" he's going to eventually go down to get to Dean? You know, I'd be pretty into that, especially if he got some demon powers back. Dean wouldn't ever be able to argue with how far Sam would go to save him then would he? And the actress that played the demon was great, reminded me of the awesome "Casey" long ago.

10.1 sam airquotesThe scene with Sam interviewing the store clerk was hilarious. Air quotes even with his injured arm.  The Breaking Bad reference was perfect, "say my name say my name" , Sam either didn't get it or was trying not to laugh in the guy's face.

10.1 sam seeing demondeanSam's face when he sees Dean as a demon just killed me, and his little gasp/whimper, he went through all the emotions so quickly, ending up in anger at Crowley.

DemonDean made me laugh, but mostly I was just super sad for him. I'm still not over just how hard he working to make himself *not care* about Sam. He seemed to be putting a lot of conscious effort and energy into convincing himself (and Crowley) of just that.  I liked how he blew Crowley off.  And I really loved his Clint Eastwood face (and the Sergio Leone-esque music) when they were about to play foosball.10.1 deans clintface

I liked how he was with the waitress, Anne-Marie, he was pretty darn caring for a demon, but that's just what's left of Dean coming through. It was a treat to see him so sated even if he was a little frantic about See I'm Having Fun. And she was great in calling him out on how messed up Dean was in beating up her boyfriend.
10.1 dean oThis picture gives a whole new meaning to Dean-O though, doesn't it?

10.1 crowley bitch jerk
Bitch/Jerk made me mad, but I'm pretty sure that was the intended result of using that particular exchange that's always carried so much meaning between Sam and Dean.
10.1 bitch jerk
To me it seemed part of DemonDean trying so hard to not care about or not miss Sam. Kind of like a "See how easily I can toss off this saying without it hurting me or meaning anything." I didn't believe it for a second. He kind of sneered at himself after he said it, as if saying "why can't I stop saying this stuff, he's not Sam. I'm not supposed to care about it." I did find it strange that Dean and Crowley would be sharing a motel room. But that's what Dean is used to after a lifetime of it with Sam. And Crowley is desperate to fill that hole that Sam's absence leaves for Dean.

Crowley is deluding himself that Dean feels anything approaching friendship or loyalty towards him. He has no idea what he's created. A Dean unmoored from Sam is going to be trouble. I love Crowley's neediness to have Dean with him, ruling at his side, being his best friend. Crowley's phone conversation with Sam was awesome though, he got right to the nubbin of what Sam feels and grinded right into it. Sam's response of "he's not your pet!" was perfect. But Crowley is right, Sam is blindingly jealous at some level. Once he knew that it wasn't just some stunt demon #1 riding around in Dean's body that is. Which is what Sam thought when he was watching that security cam footage maybe?  But he had to know Dean was alive somehow since he wrote Sam a note and left the bunker. I don't know, it was a little unclear.  But Sam's assumption that Crowley has enspelled Dean is interesting to me. Because in season 9, he was already suspicious of their relationship. He knows that Crowley somehow punked Dean into getting the Mark, but he wasn't there himself, he doesn't have the full story and hasn't figured out Crowley's motivation yet beyond just the immediate one of getting rid of Abaddon.(miss her!)

"Moose, took you long enough. Your brother and I were beginning to wonder if you'd hit another dog."  Sam's face in response just kills me, to have Crowley bring *that* up, oh my god, could there possibly be anything more hurtful? So Dean as a demon is telling tales about Sam, probably even offered up as a reason as to why Sam hadn't found them yet. This made me really sad for Sam and mad at Dean for carrying on with framing it that way. But then, they never actually had that conversation in seasons 8 or 9 so that's the very sad result.

So the Cole character is pretty interesting, he really reminds me of Jeremy Renner in the Hurt Locker when he goes back home after combat. The face his wife (assuming she was his wife) made when she asked "is it him?" was very sad, angry and scared and she left the scene swallowing a sob. So this obsession with Dean that Cole seems to have is not a new thing perhaps. Maybe she was the wife of his brother who Dean killed or something? He did tell Sam a story about his older brother Davey. But the kid called him dad so she's probably his wife. Intriguing. Cole's easy takedown of Sam with the killswitch was pretty slick. I was thinking it was going to be demon-related car trouble, remember when Ruby1 did that to the Impala way back when?  Cole has no freaking clue what he's gotten himself in the middle of though, I'm intrigued to see where it all goes. So that's a good thing for a season opener.

When he thinks it is Sam calling, Dean hesitates to answer, but then you can see him steel himself and he comes out with in a taunting voice: "I left you an open tab at the bar, knock yourself out." Again working so very hard to show he doesn't care about Sam anymore.
Sam's face when Cole held the phone up to him though. Torn between wanting and needing to call out for Dean, but knowing it really isn't Dean on the other end of the line. So there's nothing he can do. He's just so little-boy-lost and off-balance. What will Cole do since he didn't get what he wanted out of kidnapping Sam?

How did Crowley ignore Sam's summoning for all that time? That's never happened before, there have been delays, but  according to canon they always have to come when they're summoned.

So Dean isn't a demon as long as he keeps the First Blade and The Mark fed by killing? How is he not a demon, like maybe not a full-on no coming back demon maybe? But Crowley told Sam that his brother's soul was non demon-ized. So he's maybe a Knight of Hell, but not a demon? In season 9, Crowley told Dean the reason he was getting sick if he didn't kill was because he wasn't a demon and Cain was and thus his body couldn't withstand the effects of the Mark of Cain. Who knows though, this is a new thing. Hope they clarify it somehow in an upcoming episode.

Why is Sam driving a crappy rental car or stolen car instead of one of the cool ones in the bunker?

The preview for next week was so cool, but kind of confusing, was Dean hitting Sam or Cole? Hard to tell. But I'm excited to see any and all of those confrontations.

I'd say we're off to a good start. I'm loving Sam's single-minded pursuit of saving his brother, Crowley's deluded pursuit of Dean's friendship, Dean's frantic libertine howling at the moon, and the mystery of Cole the kidnapper.

And oh my goodness the beautiful new titles! So pretty. But I do not like the noise that accompanies them, sounds like the echo of a toilet flush to me.

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I enjoyed it too. It's a fun dynamic they have this season, everybody wants Dean, Sam is desperately looking for him, Crowley wants to be his BFF, Cole wants his head, but Dean seems to genuinely not care about any of it. Unless, as you said, Sam is involved, then the not-caring feels a bit forced.

Good choice of pictures, lots of pretty in this episode. Every episode when the makeup artist has to apply the tattoo is a great one.

Yes, seeing the tattoo is always so very good. Your comment just reminded me, we need to know if Sam has had his re-done, especially since he's messing around with demons so much to get Dean back. And I swear, not just because I want to see Sam shirtless again. *crosses fingers behind back*

The bitch/jerk comment irritated me, too. Until I realized it was meant to (so gullible) and the show is intentionally digging in about pushing the brothers apart. I REFUSE TO FALL FOR IT.


I join you in sighing about the brothers continually being pushed apart. It's not our fault they're magnets, c'mon... I feel sometimes like we could legitimately be yelling "We signed up to watch the magnet show!" where are our magnet-brothers? The second they got in the same room in episode 2 was just *electric*. I know it's not just me noticing that.

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