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Fic Masterpost: Shadow In The City (Sam/Dean, NC-17)

Title: Doesn’t Seem to be a Shadow in the City
Author: smalltrolven
Artist: lightthesparks
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 29,000
Pairing: Sam/Dean (established relationship)
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, OFCs, OMCs

Summary: Summer in NYC finds Sam and Dean working a case that starts with a Frisbee in Central Park, two young red-haired sisters with a connection rivaling their own, the Black Pullet Seal an ancient grimoire, and two families, one unimaginably wealthy, one not at all, that have been intertwined for generations. Brothers, boyfriends, life-partners, whatever they are, they still have what it takes to solve a complicated case and sacrifice what it takes to keep people safe.  Set in a vague post season 10 timeframe.

Author’s Notes: The Winchester brothers are not my characters, the rest is only my words. This story started out to be for 2014 Spring Fling based on the prompt “summer in the city” Sam/Dean. But it got too long for springfling and way too schmoopy for the other prompts my recipient put in (which were pleasure/pain and empty), so here it is on its own for the 2014 Sam&Dean-minibang for samdean_otp.
Thank you to the lovely candygramme for the speedy emergency beta which was super helpful!
And I’m beyond pleased with the amazing art that lightthesparks created for this story, make sure to go check it out here on the Art Masterpost.
Title from “Summer in the City” by the Loving Spoonful, listen to it to get you in the mood. Babesne: Basque name meaning "protection." The Merrell’s live at 241 Central Park West, a 20 story apt bldg. built in 1930.

Read over on AO3 right here.

~*~ Part 1 ~*~ Part 2 ~*~ Part 3 ~*~ Part 4 ~*~
Tags: established relationship, fic, nc-17, post season 10, sam&dean mini-bang, sam/dean, samdean-otp, shadow in the city, supernatural, wincest
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