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Such A Dark Place 10.3

Wanted to write a little about 10.3, but I was being good and actually finishing my Sam&Dean mini-bang (which posted yesterday.) So, quick before tonight's new episode, here's some thoughts on the third episode of season 10. Still can't believe season 10.

That was a very dark place that DemonDean went. Still a demon, but just human enough to escape the devil's trap, and that remaining humanity wanted to kill Sam. Not just kill, but obliterate. Choice of the cleaver vs. the hammer, that hesitation was so scary, his hand hovering over the drawer, wondering what DemonDean's thought process was, "cleaver's too obvious, and it'll be over too fast, hammer will be more fun."  I am hoping that they have Sam say something the first time Dean calls him Sammy, because it would take me a really long time before I'd want to hear that again from my brother who'd just tried to kill me.

There was no "here's Johnny" line when DemonDean broke the door, I was glad actually, because A) Bobby said that once and B) There were enough "The Shining" references already.  "I like the disease" was an awesome line, and the way Jensen delivered it gave me chills.   That whole chase sequence had me on the edge of my seat, what a great job Director Jensen did. That and making Sam look so beautiful and not so ill in the dungeon sequence. He knows the best camera angles for Jared at this point, doesn't he?

I laughed out loud at Cas' eyes going blue, it just looks so dumb and fake. Ruined the moment for me because it brought me out of the gripping action. I know they needed to show that he was using his newly regained powers to subdue DemonDean, but bleah. I'm pretty sure only Cas has had that effect used, why? Just because his vessel's eyes are blue? Just weird.

Again, there was so much packed into one episode I really wish it had been split into two. Just think if they'd cliff-hangered us at the point when Sam had DemonDean under the knife in the hallway, we would have all been flipping out for a whole week. And then they could have spent more time on the curing process which was super rushed and kind of lame, and the after-care part could have been fleshed out. Like getting to see Sam give Dean his junk food. And whether there was pie or not, these things are way too important to me I know. But opportunity missed in my opinion.

How much will what DemonDean said in the heat of battle affect them going forward? It's obviously all the exact stuff that Dean knows is his brother's worst fears. Whether or not Dean actually feels those things with some part of himself I'm not sure, it is possible though. It certainly would be understandable. And that might be very hard for them to overcome. I hope they don't just sweep it all under the rug, they need a sitting on the Impala talk right about now, how long has it been since they've had one?

Unless Sam did something else during his search for Dean (like when his shoulder got injured that Cas referred to in the first ep), I'm just not feeling the Sam's as much of a monster as DemonDean thing. Like at all. No comparison in my opinion. I could see comparing SoullessSam to DemonDean, although Sam surely did not choose to become Soulless, and Dean did not consciously choose to become a Demon. When he cut off what Cain was trying to warn him about, would it have been the information that 'oh by the way you might turn into a demon'.

"Does Sam want a divorce?" Dean asks Cas. I still can't believe he actually said that. But since they "made a committment in a church" and been teased repeatedly about cheating on his wife by Crowley, guess that's how he's thinking about them. And they are basically married (leaving out the wincest obv) for what they mean to each other, and the function they perform in each other's lives. And it makes sense that would be his assumption, that what he had just done as a demon would be the thing that finally pushes Sam away for good. And finally a sympathy moment for Dean after quite a while for me (sometime early last season), Oh Dean. If I was Sam, I'd be mad at him for that assumption more than anything else.

Some part of me is hoping that DemonDean is still in there and acting the part of Dean. Because that would be a great twist and I'd love to see what Sam would do. But alas, that's probably it for Dean's trip to the darkside. Hopefully the Mark won't make him too hard to deal with, or any more hard to deal with.

Excited for tonight's episode, new costumes!, returning character!, hopefully some brother world-record-awkward conversations.
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