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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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Thoughts on the Fourth Episode, Paper Moon

I just re-watched this episode today in preparation for the 200th episode airing tonight (eeee so excited), and realized I hadn't posted anything. So here it is, thoughts about Paper Moon.

I thought overall this was a pretty tame episode after the fireworks of curing DemonDean. It was okay, and I liked the "anvilicious" parallels in the MOTW storyline with what the brothers are going through. That's always how this show works best imo.

The brother interactions were great, a little hesitant, even prickly which is totally understandable given all that went on.  But I was surprised that they didn't speak of what happened in the bunker during the cure, at all. At some point will they? Will Sam get to voice how he felt hearing Dean say those things? Will Dean get to apologize? Nope, but they do get to sit around drinking beer and looking beautiful, so we can't get too mad about that I suppose. 10.4 dean sunglasses
Dean teasing about Sam's busted elbow was cute, a little rude and so very him, so very big brother. He wants to know what happened (So do I!) but Sam isn't fessing up about that yet.  I was thrilled to see the Green Cooler make a triumphant return, as well as newcomers - Winchester sunglasses and folding beach chairs.  "We-time" was so awesome to hear, oh did they ever need some of that.

And actual Dean and Sam smiles.10.4 actual sam smile

I Love this family picture, The Boys, The Impala, even the Green Cooler (and a sign that says NO HUNTING, cute!)10.4 family pic

I did really love Sam telling Dean about laying his dead body out in his room, from the back seat, a bit removed, out of usual eyeline sight, like he needed to have that distance to even be able to say the words out loud. Dean's thank you was very heartfelt, and so was Sam's refusing to accept it. "You don't ever have to say that, not to me." That was perfect.
Still the emphasis on how awful what Sam did to Lester was, Dean prodding Sam about as if he should be feeling super guilty. I just don't get that in the scheme of things for them, it being that big of a deal. Was Dean just checking to make sure Sam wasn't beating himself up about it, or was he trying to not let Sam forget about it, or equate it to him being a demon somehow?

Are new werewolves supposed to be super lame-o or something? Because those dudes were super incompetent. But then so were the boys tying Kate up with an easily escaped rope. Did they learn nothing from the AlphaVamp?
I was glad that Kate was able to not only escape from the boys twice, but also take care of her sister by killing her. Will we see her again at some point, who knows?
Sam's reluctance to jump back into the hunt is understandable. I mean he just got Dean back, what if he was to lose him again so soon? His face when the werewolves had him at gunpoint killed me. And he's worried that the Mark of Cain will get triggered and/or fed if Dean kills anyone(thing), especially since he gave away the First Blade to Crowley.
Questions (always with the questions)
So, anyone else wish Dean was actually DemonDean pretending? Just me, okay...
Will they ever talk about Cole and who the hell he is and what he did to Sam? Seems like that would have been a pressing concern to Dean.
Will Sam ever give Dean a hard time about any of the demon stuff (like crapping up the Impala) or is he letting it pass because he's so damn glad just to have his brother alive again.
Will Dean ever give Sam a hard time for giving away the First Blade to Crowley? Or is he still "embarrassed" about all things related to him becoming a demon?
Seems like a whole lot more conversation still needs to happen.

Onto the 200th episode which I'm so looking forward to!

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I haven't seen the 200th episode yet.... BUT I have seen Paper Moon. :D
I agree with you that it seems like a whole lot more conversation still needs to happen. Maybe I was the only one sitting there waiting for Gadreel to be brought up? IDK.
Dean did make one comment about doing something right instead of doing something wrong for a change - leading me to believe he at least recognizes he's made mistakes?
I thought him being embarrassed by being a demon was rather touching - being BFF with Crowley and junking up the Impala were kinda embarrassing - haha.
I have a feeling Cole will show up again.

Yes, more conversation please,(that seems to always be what I want from show!), especially about Gadreel and being a demon. Dean seems to definitely know he made mistakes, and is waiting for Sam to bug him about it. But Sam is just glad his brother is alive. which I could see let someone forgive a whole lot of awful stuff. Especially someone like Sam who is so prone to forgiveness already. I loved that Dean admitted to being embarrassed about the demon stuff. And yeah, Cole will definitely show again, will be interesting to see if Dean follows through with the promise he made as a demon to kill him.

Thank you very much for pointing out that the sign says "No Hunting!"

You are welcome! I just happened to notice it when I was looking at screen caps and it just cracked me up. I can just hear their conversation about it too.

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