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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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Off to the Opera

What a super-cool idea this is! The stories that operas tell are so rich in imagery and high-emotion (with a special emphasis on angst so it suits spn very well). The many operas that are tragedies will make it hard to choose one to work with.  I'm already thinking of some of my favorites and how they could be translated into illustrating something from spn world that I want to write about.
Look at this beautiful banner too, wow!  I'd already seen the Sam one, so here's Dean as Carmen I'm assuming.

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That sounds like an awesome thing.

It does, doesn't it? I really hope you end up writing one for this challenge.

Thank you. Sadly my to-do list is crazy did you sign up for the wincestbigbang?

Awww, that is too bad, I'm sorry to hear it. Well, maybe you can get some inspiration from one of the prompts and write it later?

I just did go sign up for wincestbigbang, all thanks to you!

YAY! I'm glad you signed up.

If there is a prompt at the opera that double dips into any other claim I will most likely grab one.

I highly rec all the coms I have claims at.

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