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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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So Many, Just Enough

Ahh, this must be the season to sign up for everything.
Write All The Things!
I must admit, I have just signed myself up for:

spnopera Such a cool idea, I hope lots of people try this one out.

wincestbigbang Signups are still going on here. I actually only signed up for the 5k mini bang.

spn_bigpretzel Spring Exchange (I swear half the fun is coming up with good prompts! I always try to prompt stuff I want to read and would want to write myself)

intoabar I put down Sam Winchester and the mods will choose someone from one of these: Sleepy Hollow, Madam Secretary, Marvel's Agents of Shield, Better Call Saul for him to meet in a bar.  Can you imagine the possiblities?? This one is so much fun, just try it once, you'll see!  So far I've done two, in the first, Sam met Badger (from Firefly, also played by Mark Sheppard) and then last time I had Dean meet Zoe Washburne (from Firefly).

Oh that's all you say?
But I'm already (supposed to be) working on:

spn_meanttobe which posts starting 5/1, yikes back to work on that amazing prompt that started out so well and then I wrote two other things, whoops.
and of course spn_j2_bigbang (shoot, when's that first draft due? Crap! May 1 also?)  This one I have mapped out, and some written, but still, soooo many words left to come.
Guess I have a lot of writing to do. Good. I really need something to focus on these days.

Then there's all those bingo cards too. Ahem.
 But I'm not listing those right now.

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Oh I'm doing thespn_bigpretzel spring exchange as well. :D

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