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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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Finishing Writing and Last Night's Episode

Oh man, i really didn't think I was going to get there. But I pushed myself to write the last little bit that had been hanging there undone for several weeks (ahem) and turned in my spn_j2_bigbang last night!

So now I can turn my writing attention to finishing the spn_meanttobe story that I've gotten to the halfway point.

And I won't have to waste any time re-watching the episode from last night. Didn't hate it, just kinda meh.
Actually, I want to ask a few questions about the episode and see what y'all think:

1) Why did that count as Dean "snapping" or "getting worse"?  Remember the last episode that had Claire when he slaughtered four guys? Banging a dude's head into the table a couple times seems like a big nbd.

2) Why did Cas not bring Amelia back to life? He has his grace back right? So uh....  If GadreelSam could bring Charlie and HumanCas back to life, why couldn't or wouldn't Cas do the same?

3) So Jimmy and Amelia are soulmates then? Doesn't that make it a million times worse what Cas has done to their human lives? Or was that just Amelia's heaven so her memory of Jimmy was waiting for her? Why are so many women on SPN named Amelia? very confusing...

4) How in the world does a teenager who has just held her dying and then dead mother in her arms, hug and thank the angel who is possessing her father's body and basically caused it all just a few minutes later? How does that work?

5)  Who made Dean take the gun back from Claire?  I'm guessing Sam, but who knows, since he was giving her *how to do crime* tips and all.

How completely incompetent both Dean and Cas were at handling Claire was very silly to me, they were just floundering and throwing up their hands the second they walked into her hospital room. Sam totally took over and got on her level, listened to her, gave her some tools she can use and he opened up and shared with her.  I quite liked their scenes together.

Seeing Dean play mini-golf made me smile (and wish for a scene where he does it with Sam). I liked how it inspired him to figure out what kind of angel sword had been used.

I loved Sam's escape with pulling out the nail and getting out of the handcuffs. Great song they ended with, ahhh Willie Nelson.

I get the context of the line Dean had to Claire about Cas saving the world, I do. He was trying to do the impossible, to make Jimmy's sacrifice seem worth it to a kid who has now lost both parent's due to Castiel's involvement in her life. But to put it that way, seemed unnecessary to me. And for the writer to tell fans who objected to #CalmDown was pretty damn rude. That's like throwing gasoline on an already lit fire. Canon matters to fans. Maybe it shouldn't, but it does. And now it is canon that Dean actually said that.  sigh.

Now onto the episodes that will surely break our hearts all over again.

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1. agreed, it seems like the writers are just trying to "make Dean worse" but not really, maybe they've forgotten how fucking frightening he can be without any mark provocation. I don't really get it. I'm thinking he seems fine to me.
2. I am under the impression (and I'm not sure why), that Amelia's soul was preyed upon and damaged. Damaged souls are different right? Like Sam's?
3. Of course they're soulmates!!! That's nothing special. oh, wait, it is. Maybe this is Jimmy's reward for giving up his vessel and all. It's the least they could do. I also assume they gave him a pony and it's outback.
4. teenagers are resiliant. No, I don't think that's true, they are hormonal, impressionable, kind of psychotic, moody, hold grudges, and don't have the emotional capacity to handle life, but it's not their fault, their brains aren't fully developed yet. But she's going to live at the Jodie Mills Halfway House for Future Fuck-ups and Hunters. So YAY
5. I've grasped at straws here long enough, I've got nothing....I think Jodie told them to strip her of her weapons before they put her in the creepy taxi. I did think something was off about that driver with his one line of dialoge. I was waiting for a horror story ending where they flash to the driver and his eyes glowed...SEQUEL

I hope I've solved the mysteries of the universe, lol.

Oh god, this made me feel so much better, thanks! Mysteries of the Universe have been solved...by You!

1. Yeah, didn't move the needle too much on the Dean-Is-a-Scary-Mofo meter.
2. Could be, she had been getting fed off of for quite a while. But gee, wouldn't that have been a super good use of some of Castiel's restored grace? Nah, no interesting redemption story there, they just went straight for the sad.
3. I hope they gave Jimmy an alpaca, just to be show-canon consistent. But yeah, of course they're soul mates, uhuh sure why not, does seem like a good reward.
4. I'm also glad about where Claire is ending up, like Sam said, Jody is good people.
5. Hah, that was too funny, that was a creepy taxi ride all the way to where exactly? South Dakota or maybe the bus stop?

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