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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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It's Pronounced Frank-en-steen

The 21st episode of the season. Really? Already?

Spoilers ahead:

So, hmmm, I can't decide about that episode. Some of it I really really loved.

  • Jealous Dean, oh god that was delectable.

  • Sam's terrible job at lying because he knows Dean has already twigged to the fact he's being lied to.

  • Sam's amazing committment to saving Dean, his absolute desperation to do it. Dean can see that too, and he gets it. He's got to know that's behind the lying. He damn well better! He won't think he's worth it of course. sigh.

  • And the Frankenstein family of mwahaha villains that really like to monologue in their vaguely Southern accents. I like the idea of there being these shadowy families and organizations (Judah Initiative anyone?) that Sam and Dean can learn about via the M.o.L.

  • Rowena. So onboard with having Rowena around. (And when can she meet her grandson eh?) Loved how she read Charlie

  • The super hot and super scary scene where Dean is questioning Sam, definitely re-watched that a few *ahem* times.

  • Sam's nervous eating in the car.

  • The lol-zoom on the dripping, bloody arm.

  • The awesome motel set, loved it.

  • Crowley talking to the hamster, reminded me of Buffy

  • The hilarity continues with Cas on the phone.

But it's all kind of overshadowed with all the Dumb with a capital D.

For the "smartest person in the room" to pull a stunt like that, seemed super implausible and out of character. I knew Charlie was going to be hurt or killed off. It seemed pretty obvious that they needed to have something shocking and personal and heart-breaking at this point in the season.
That part of it, even though it's awful and seems like such a waste of a character that had such a complete story, that part made sense. But
how she got there, to that motel, all by herself? Nope. Just doesn't make sense. So, I end up being angry about this, instead of being sad about
the character dying. Bleah. I mean, I should have been bawling, because I really liked Charlie a lot. At least she went out fighting. I wrote this about it tumblr last night:

Charlie went out fighting.
She died in the attempt to save her friend.
Charlie made her own choice to help Sam save Dean.
She used her brain and figured it out.
Charlie solved it and Sam will use the solution.
She will not have died in vain.
Charlie loved them like brothers.
She died for her family.
What else would you expect a Queen to do?

Okay, so the utter uselessness of Cas? Why didn't he just bring her back like Gadreel did?  Why have a superpowered character if you're not going to use him? Oh no, have him buying freaking pork rinds. How about, why didn't he put Rowena in a cone of silence or something? Like Cain did with Crowley, remember?

Why were Cas and Charlie so surprised that they were keeping this secret from Dean? Weren't they just doing that a couple episodes ago with the whole Metatron thing? Which seems even worse in my opinion to not tell Dean about. Oh by the way, the being who murdered you is roaming around Chuck knows where.

Securing the superpowered Steyn with only one hand? Guess Sam used all the other manacles on Rowena? "Hey, Sammy, where did our long chains go? I can't find them."  The way he escaped was a gory surprise.

I'm unspoiled for the last two episodes, and I am genuinely out of ideas on where it's all going to end up.  Which is good, *maybe*, I hope. I just want to be either sad for the brothers, proud of Sam saving Dean, or excited about X happening, not angry like this episode made me feel.

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Could not agree more with everything you said.

I'm a bit spoiled for the next episode after seeing the promo pics, so don't look at them if you want to remain unspoiled!

I saw some of those accidentally (whoops), they really give major stuff away with the promo pics sometimes. Looks like it'll be pretty good. Fingers crossed.

Oh how I wish Dean understood Sam's desperation to save him! I fear Dean's self-loathing won't allow him to value Sam's devotion to that cause. I'm afraid he'll just blame Sam for getting Charlie killed, because of course he feels she's so much more valuable. He'll feel he's not worth it, and he'll be so angry with Sam I can't even think about it. But I'm guessing that's what we'll see next episode, and that will be so painful to watch I'm almost tempted not to watch it at all! But, being the masochist that I am, I probably will anyway...

I know, I'm probably being unrealistic, but I hope hope hope that Dean will understand Sam's need to save him. You're right, the next episode (and the finale) are going to be hard to watch. But we know it will hurt so good...

I didn't like Charlie so being honest glad she's finally gone. Also it's clear the writers are using her death to make Dean lose it. I'm just dreading all the Sam haters who are going to try and blame him for her death. And I can just see 10x22 Dean having a go at Sam before he go's off on his rampage.

BTW I thought Sam was going for pizza so why did Dean end up going? Is Sam not allowed fight scene's or something.

Yes why didn't they tied that guy up to a fucking chair. Why allow one arm free?!

Also the scene where they all said "for Dean." just what?! And the "Charlie love's you we all do." Soap opera much

I saw how all the people who didn't care for Charlie as a character were happy, so I'm glad you are!
And yep, I guess her death will be the "reason" for Dean to go off, but we'll see.

That episode was super soap opera-ish, even down to the music in the For Dean scene, sheesh. But I still can't stop watching the show!

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