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Seven Lines

The seven lines meme going around has been pretty interesting, it's fun to see what folks are working on.  So I thought I'd throw mine out there. Hope you do too if you haven't already!

Here's 7 lines from the 7th page of a WIP that I've be working on for a while now.  I started it for one of the spots on my spnspiration bingo card, I think for the fabulism space. It's set in season 10 and it involves Sam recovering from yet another severe head injury and Dean getting to talk to all the separate Sam's that are inside Sam's Big Brain. To me, he's become the king of compartmentalizing to make it through his crazy life and I wanted to play with the idea of Dean having to confront all of them, one after the other.  In this section on page 7, Dean is talking to the Sam who pretended to live a life when he thought Dean was dead (but was really in Purgatory):

"Gee, I don’t know, Dean, have you ever come out and said it out loud? That you love him and you’re thankful that he loves you? Maybe it wouldn’t do anything, but it sure couldn’t hurt him to hear one damn time."

"All of you are giving me a big to-do list here."

"Oh poor you. Well, seems like you’ve got time to figure it all out, why not use it? He’s worth it to you, right?"

"You have to ask that? Of course he’s worth it. He’s worth everything to me."

"Just make sure he knows that."

Doing this meme really makes me want to finish this fic up and get it posted!  So well done, meme, you just may have worked your magic on me.
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