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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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A Song I Wish I Could Vid

Sometimes I really wish I could vid. Because this song, oh gosh this song, is just so very perfect for Sam in season 10.
It's hopeful and terrified and raw and intense and all about never ever giving up.
And when I saw it performed in person recently, I will admit that I burst into tears.  This band has never written such a hopeful song and experiencing the power of it lifting up a huge amphitheatre of people was very moving.

Here are the lyrics:

A Beginning Song

Let’s commence to coordinate our sights. Get ‘em square to rights. Get them square to rights. Condescend to calm this riot in your mind. Find yourself in time. Find yourself in time.

And I am waiting, should I be waiting? I am wanting, should I be wanting? When all around me, when all around me…

Document the world inside your skin, the tenor of your shins, the timbre of your limbs. Now commence to kick each brick apart to center on your heart. Starting with your heart, bright heart.

And I am waiting, should I be waiting? I am wanting, should I be wanting? And I am hopeful, should I be hopeful? When all around me, when all around me

Is the sunlight
Is the shadows
Is the quiet
Is the work
Is the beating heart
Is the ocean
Is the boys
Is you, my sweet love
O my love
And the light bright light and the light bright light bright light bright light

It’s all around me.

It’s all around me.

The band is The Decemberists, the song is: "A Beginning Song", from their latest album "What A Terrible World, What a Beautiful World"

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Oh my gosh, sweetie, it would be perfect! This is such a gorgeous song! :)

Isn't it gorgeous? I'm glad you agree that it would work. I'm happy that I could share it with someone who might not have heard it.

I love this song too -- much of the Decemberists' songs put me in that moody, wistful, kinda sad place where the Winchesters live in my heart...

Me too, absolutely. Back when I started on LJ I was heavily into their album 'The Hazards of Love' so I named my blog "The Wanting Comes In Waves", that unreasonable OTP kind of love really suits the over-the-top drama of that music (as well as the Winchesters!)

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