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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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Supernatural Questions

Snagged from sillie82

There are some great ones on here that already have me thinking. Seems like a good thing to post after the recent friending meme, so ask away...

1:What is your Supernatural OTP?

2:What’s your opinion on John Winchester?

3:Which season finale was your favorite/least favorite?

4:Which is your favorite episode?

5:Which episode makes you cry the most?

6:Which episode is the funniest to you?

7:What’s your opinion on Megstiel?

8:When did you start watching Supernatural?

9:Which episode title do you think is the funniest?

10:What’s your opinion on Garth?

11:If you could bring back any character, would you? If so, whom?

12:Who is your favorite angel?

13:Who’s your favorite archangel?

14:What’s your opinion on Wincest?

15:What’s your opinion on Lisa? (and Ben, if you want)

16:When did you start blogging about Supernatural?

17:Do you think that Chuck is God?

18:Do you have a favorite Dick (Roman) joke? If so, what is it?

19:Which is your favorite episode?

20:Who do you ship Sam with?

21:What’s your opinion on Destiel?

22:Did you like the first or second Ruby better?

23:Who’s your favorite demon?

24:Do you read smutty fanfiction?

25:Do you think Destiel will become canon in season 11? (Regardless of whether you want it to or not)

26:Have you ever had a dream about Supernatural/the characters/the actors? If so, can you describe what you remember?

27:Which episode is the scariest to you? (Horror-movie type scary)

28:What’s your opinion on Sabriel?

29:Do you think End!verse will happen? If so, are you looking forward to it?

30:Do you have any friends off of the Internet that watch Supernatural?

31:Do any of your family members watch Supernatural?

32:What’s an unpopular opinion or headcanon you have?

33:Do you like AU fanfics?

34:Have you ever written/started writing a fanfic?

35:What’s your opinion on Samifer?

36:If you have an OTP, at what point did you start shipping it?

37:Do you think Sam should have completed the demon trials?

38:Which director/writer is or was your favorite/least favorite?

39:Which actor would you most like to meet in real life?

40:If you could be any character on the show, would you want to? If so, whom? If not, why?

41:Do you prefer cake or pie?

42:What is your opinion on Sastiel?

43:Have you ever made a Supernatural reference out loud and received strange looks from some of the people surrounding you?

44:Have you ever cried over a non-OTP ship from the show?

45:What is your favorite moment from any of the gag reels?


47:What is/was your favorite Sam hair length?

48:What’s an unpopular ship you have?

49:What’s your opinion on Wincestiel?

50:Can you dig Elvis?

51:Do you listen to Carry On Wayward Son even when you’re not just watching a finale?

52:What’s your opinion on Zachariah?

53:Do you think Adam will ever get out of the cage? (not as Michael)

54:Do you think Sam should have completed the trials?

55:How long would you survive as a hunter?

56:What’s your opinion on Calthazar?

57:Do you have a Netflix account? If so, what’s your username and password? Wait a second, just the first part.

58:Have you ever participated in GISHWHES?

59:What movies/shows have you watched because of (or by coincidence) Jared, Jensen, or Misha?

60:If you could change just one thing about the series, what would it be?

61:If you were at a Con, what would be a question you would ask?(can be any of the actors)

62:Why did you start watching Supernatural?

63:What’s your opinion on Sam/Crowley?

64:What’s your biggest fear for season 11?

65:What’s your favorite (or at least a memorable) pop culture reference that has been made on the show?

66:Just a random confession you have regarding the show/Asker makes up their own question.

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26:Have you ever had a dream about Supernatural/the characters/the actors? If so, can you describe what you remember?

54:Do you think Sam should have completed the trials?

26. Yes, I've had a few "witnessing Wincest" in action, shall we say kind of dreams. Unfortunately none of the self-insert variety, but even my dreaming mind knows there's no room between those two.

55. Probably, because I would have liked to have seen Angels & Demons stuck on Earth together as a plot line on the show. But not really, because I'm glad that Sam listened to Dean instead of sacrificing himself, even though the consequences have been so dire for both of them. He's somehow still holding onto that "light at the end of the tunnel" thing and I can't get enough of that flavor of Sam.

Ohhh yes, now that'd be worth watching *mind wanders*

And what a plot line it would've been! :D

4:Which is your favorite episode?
52:What’s your opinion on Zachariah?
55:How long would you survive as a hunter?

4. So hard to pick just one favorite, so I'll go with A Very Supernatural Christmas, it's got the special opening credits thing that I remember from my childhood, the humor, the gore, the hilarious pagan gods, the Weechesters/samulet backstory, one of the most touching brotherly love scenes in the whole show, and that closing shot of the brothers seen through the snowy Christmas-lighted window reflected in the Impala hood, absolute perfection.

52. Zachariah is one of my favorite villains on the whole show, he's so single-minded and awful and creative (The End and It's A Terrible Life both courtesy of him), he plays Sam and Dean so skillfully, from so many angles, he absolutely takes them apart, almost worse than Lucifer in a way. He believes so thoroughly in how right he is, up until the very last second, just a perfect perfect villain, and that he's a high-ranking angel, that makes it even better. The angels have been very boring to me since he was taken out.

55. I would be a Velma (from ScoobyDoo) type of hunter, dependent on the brawn of others to survive, but not entirely useless, providing some sort of clue-assembling help. I'm a really great driver (used to race cars), and am pretty fearless when I absolutely need to be, I'm fairly strong, but I've never fired a weapon or hit anyone in my life, so I'd need some serious training. So, in short, I wouldn't last through the third act of an spn episode.

60. If I could change one thing about the series, it would be that Kim Manners would still be there, directing, providing continuity between show runners, and keeping that distinctive look and feel to the show that it started out with. But since that's super unlikely, how about only allowing writers on staff that have watched the entire show, seems like that would help a whole lot.

63. Sam/Crowley as a ship? I could only see it (and kind of wrote it in a story) if Sam was trading himself to get Dean out of something. The dance that the characters do though, Sam's hatred and Crowley's obsession always at odds. I loved their big scenes in The Prisoner, and in Sacrifice. There's a bond there, whether Sam wants to acknowledge it or not, and you can see Crowley admiring Sam and obsessing over obtaining his friendship. The idea that Sam's blood is in Crowley still kind of gets to me, the full-circle-ness of it, a demon giving him blood as a baby, and then the reverse happening.

#63 I really love this answer hun! Really!!!

#60 I agree, make then sit and actually watch it, get it, explain how they get it, then write for it!

Fun meme!

45:What is your favorite moment from any of the gag reels?

48:What’s an unpopular ship you have?

45. The one in season 2 for Heart when they're arguing over the rock paper scissors, and Jensen goes beyond just plain heart-eyes, it gets me every time. That and all the dancing they do. I really like seeing them swear for some reason, probably because I feel like the Winchesters would be swearing allll the time and since it's not on HBO or whatever, we don't get to see it.

48. An unpopular ship, hmmm, I guess Megstiel (is that unpopular, I don't really know?) I never really see the angels as shippable, but the whole angel/demon thing, and the scenes they had together convinced me of the possibility. I liked the potential redemption of a demon vs. corruption of an angel that they had going and wish it had been pursued. Hate it that no one has talked about Meg with Cas since she was so unceremoniously killed off :(

and Jensen goes beyond just plain heart-eyes

Oh my gosh, yes! I'm getting heart-eyes just thinking about it. ♥

I was surprised at how much I really dug Megstiel. I find I carry a grudge a while, and I didn't think I could ever forgive Meg for the things she did, but something about that dynamic really worked.

I liked the potential redemption of a demon vs. corruption of an angel <<--me, too!

1. My Supernatural OTP is Sam/Dean, forever and ever. It's almost embarrassing to admit how hard I ship them, but I do, and I have from the very first episode I watched. Can't imagine that ending even when the show is over.

8.I started watching Supernatural on TNT regularly in October 2010 because it was on after Angel and Charmed in the morning. And I was recuperating from a major surgery, so I had nothing else filling up my days. I got into it big time, but got frustrated that TNT would skip episodes, so I got all the discs one by one from Netflix (oh the olden days.) Finally got caught up to watch live for Like A Virgin.

3:Which season finale was your favorite/least favorite?

64:What’s your biggest fear for season 11?

32:What’s an unpopular opinion or headcanon you have?

3. Favorite season finale is a tie between season 2 and season 5, season 2 wins because they a) gave it two episodes worth of time and attention, 2)the little bit tacked-on the end of Swan Song showing Sam standing in from of Lisa's house watching Dean which I dislike because it's so tacked-on. Least favorite would have to be season 7, because of severe lack of SamnDean.

64. Biggest fear for season 11 is that the darkness won't really be quite dark enough to live up to how Death described it, that and Crowley and Cas surviving each other.

32. Unpopular opinion is that Castiel should have stayed dead in season 7, it was an epic sendoff and it got ruined by bringing him back the way they did and then not knowing what the heck to do with him afterwards. Unpopular head canon is that Sam's not looking for Dean or Kevin after season 7 finale was because he had an actual mental break, Jody had to have him hospitalized after repeated suicide attempts, and he didn't want to worry Dean so he never told him. Amelia was a friend he made in the mental health facility where they met.

I loved all your answer's.

3. Though I did like the part with Sam standing outside Lisa's house. Agree with S7 being the worst because Sam and Dean were hardly together.

64. Yes, I hope the Darkness isn't like Demon!Dean getting all this build up for nothing. And yes I would love for Sam and Dean to find Castiel's and Crowley's dead body's. Sadly though they will both be fine. -_-

32. Once again I agree, Castiel's "death" in season 7 would have been a great send off but Singer (I think) made Sara bring him back and he as no fucking reason to still be around. They had to bring back Claire a character no one asked or wanted to come back just to give him something to do.

Sam was defiantly having a break down and didn't the writers say they wanted to do something with Sam's storyline (wasn't someone watching him in 8x01) but they changed it and instead he got a crappy unlikeable love interest.

Thanx for answering

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