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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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(no subject)

At the point they were separated at the end of Season 7, Sam is 136 years older than his “older” brother

(assuming 1 month in Hell=1 year on Earth and that Hell=Cage time, big assumption because I would think Cage time would be > than Hell time, so this is a conservative estimate)
Dean 33 Earth years + 40 Hell years = Dean is 73 

Sam 29 Earth years +180 Cage years = Sam is 209

So my question is, what do you think, is Purgatory Time different than Hell Time?

Will Dean catch back up in age to Sam by the time he comes back to Earth?

Will the writers remember the age difference or reference it in any way?

I think you can really see the age difference in the way Sam was acting in Season 7. He was so much more zen about everything because of having a longer view on life.  He was being the caretaker (big brother role) a lot of the season too, because Dean was so cut-off and at loose ends (or drunk).  

So what would it mean to the characterization of Dean if he was suddenly older too?

Would it be a good thing or a bad thing?  

Would he and Sam be even more in sync?

Wishing I was in the writer’s room so I could throw that out on the table to have everyone chew on it for a while…
(a repost of something I posted on tumblr originally)

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It really is an interesting thing to ponder.

With all of Sam's extra years will he be able to deal with being alone? That is my big worry. They even took Bobby's spirit away from him.

It is interesting isn't it? I'm sure they'll never deal with the subject, but wouldn't it make an interesting conversation to see them have? Maybe I'll write a fic about that...
I hope you're right that Sam's extra years end up being a good thing that help him. After all, he was without Dean for a really really long time while he was in the Cage. And he's a different person now than he was when Dean went to Hell (or died in Mystery Spot) so I don't think he'll go off the rails like that.
But yeah, he doesn't even have Bobby's spirit, at least he has the Impala though!

Let's not forget...Garth is always available. There are other angels that may be willing to help. Possibly other hunters, as well, but they're so shifty about that on Show. Something I've been wondering is; where do ganked spirits go? Or ganked angels? Maybe Purgatory. I've been trying to compile a list of Purgatory residents who may be helpful to Dean and Castiel. It's time consuming in a healthy way. I think. Pondering what the writers'll do for S8 is taking up so much of my brain, it's a wonder I can function at all;)

Not forgetting Garth, but I'm not sure what help he'll really be, except maybe for emotional support, which Sam will likely need. I'm hoping Sam goes to Jody Mills for some mothering. I don't think there are any angels left that Sam can call on for help. But I do think that Cas is not in Purgatory, that whatever (God/Chuck/whoever)keeps bringing him back to life yanked him right out of there and that was why he disappeared at the end of the finale.

I'm hoping that Sam works with Crowley and/or the AlphaVamp to get Dean out of Purgatory. Maybe even Death again, since he had the mojo to make the eclipse happen again so they could reopen the door to Purgatory, plus he likes Dean.

I don't think Angels would be in Purgatory because they don't have souls. I think the ganked spirits go to either Heaven or Hell because they were originally human. So that leaves monsters (at least according to Show) and the other residents of Purgatory, and I'd most love to see Gordon, Lenore, and Madison helping Dean in Purgatory.

Thinking about S8 is also taking up a lot of my brain space, time to go write some spec!fic I think...

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