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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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lions mane

Courtesy of My Precious

This fun idea was over at spn_bunker for the Wednesday WoL event, but since it's actually Thursday (to my complete surprise!), I'm posting it here.

My Precious (yes that's my iPod's name) chose these for me:

1. The song that describes how you feel about Supernatural
Longview - Green Day   Wow, that's actually spot on.

2. The song that describes how you feel about Sam Winchester
Cherry Bomb - The Runaways  Well, I think Sam's "the bomb" so I suppose that works

3. The song that describes how you feel about Dean Winchester
Got to Move - Cake     Yeah, move closer!  But the song actually describes him quite well "you are mostly in your car..."

4. The song that describes Cas and Dean's relationship
I Can't Hear You - The Dead Weather  Yeah, really have to agree about that one, iPod.

5. If you have a favorite pairing other than Dean/Cas, this is "their song"
Can't Get Used to Losing You - The English Beat (for Wincest of course)  Yes, that definitely works "Can't get used to losing you, gonna spend my whole life through, loving youuuuuuu."

6. The song for Charlie's funeral
Angel, Won't You Call Me? - The Decemberists   Awww, that makes me sad all over again.  Charlie's Angels though....hmmm.

7. The song that describes how you feel about season 10
Bullet In The Brain - The Black Keys  Yeah, the lyrics are on point, "bullet in the brain, I prefer them to remain the same."

8. The song that will be the theme song for Carry On Wayward Daughters, the spinoff featuring Jody, Donna, Alex, and Claire
Goodbye Lovers & Friends - Franz Ferdinand   That definitely works. And wouldn't that show be awesome if it actually happened?

9. The song that will be the theme song for Supernatural: The Beginning, the spinoff starring Matt Cohen, Dylan Everett, and a somehow de-aged Colin Ford
On a Neck, On a Spit - Grizzly Bear  That would actually be great, especially because of these lyrics: "You can't come home again. Each time it's different. And the yards around your feet fall away while you're asleep...Each day, spend it with me now."

10. The song you'd play at ear-splitting volume as you cruise down the highway in the Impala
Optimistic - Radiohead   Absolutely! I've done the same thing in my own vehicles, this song is meant to be played at high volume:

11. The song for the opening montage of 11.01
I'm Shakin' - Jack White  That would actually really work quite well actually.

12. Bonus: add "in your pants" to the title of this song
The Bad Thing (In Your Pants) - Arctic Monkeys  Okay, that's just all kinds of hilarious!

Well that was fun wasting time looking up youtube videos to put in this post, hope you enjoy some of the music!

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The Bad Thing, in your pants?! LOLS!

I know, right? Couldn't have picked a better one, my iPod knows me too well.

Little worrying, mine was all about the daft and hilarious! I swear someone up there was all, "HEH check this out, we'll mess with her!"

-#1... Bite my lip and close my eyes, take me away to paradise... Works for me!

Exactly, that's the line that makes it work so well!

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