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WoL Wednesday Drabbles



WoL Wednesdays!

It's that time of year again, where Hellatus takes hold and the Summer kicks in and we find ourselves lamenting the loss of our favourite show! Let's make sure we have plenty to keep us occupied shall we?!?

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Drabbles are so hard (whine) but I'm doing it anyway!  Especially because they've given us such great picture prompts...
My first contributions (and the inspiring screencaps) are below the cut:

#1 Coffee Consciousness

“No, Sam. I hadn’t thought about it much. But yeah, of course. If you want to go to clown college to get over your weird thing, then you should go for it.”

“Jesus, Dean, I didn’t say I wanted to go to clown college. I said that our witnesses sounded like they’d graduated from there recently.”


“I really shouldn’t bother talking to you before you’ve finished your coffee, should know that by now.”

“And I shoulda known you wouldn’t want to go near a clown college.”

“I’d rather just get you another cup of coffee.”

“Sounds good to me.”


Purgatory Cleanse

“Sam, I thought we weren’t going to air our dirty laundry in front of the kid.”

“Hey, you’re the one that wanted to get a chiliburger. I’m just looking out for those of us that have to sit in the car with you afterwards.”

“It’ll be fine. My system’s all cleared out from being in Purgatory.”

“How’s the Purgatory Cleanse gonna save us from the inevitable gas attack?”

“Sam, I haven’t had any chili in a damn year. Just, let me finish my damn lunch in peace.”

“Sorry, Kevin.”

“It’s okay, I’m lactose intolerant, and I just finished this milkshake.”


Blood Promises  

“Never do that again, Dean!”

“Whas’s that S’mmy?”

“Jump in front of me like that. I had a clear path to take the werewolf out, and now he’s gone for another month and you’re…God, you could have…and I can’t…”

Dean shook his head and his eyes finally focused on Sam hovering above him. “You’re drippin’ blood on me, dude.”

Sam kept stitching Dean’s skin together, dabbing at the mixing blood. His alone, his brother’s, theirs, together.  “You gotta promise me, Dean. We’re a team, together, right?”

“Sure, yeah, promise, Sammy, go Team Winchester…”

“Painkillers finally kicked in huh?”


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