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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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lions mane

Three More

Three more drabbles for the Women of Letters Wednesday over at spn_bunker, come check it out to read more.


“You really okay, Sammy? There’s too much blood.”

“I’ll live. ’S not all mine anyway.”

“He dead?”

“No, just knocked out. I couldn’t, uh, couldn’t do it.”

“Then I will. He almost—Sammy—that explosion—thought you’d, that he’d—you know.”

“He’s taken care of.”

“Okay we’ll play it your way.”

“I’m sorry, Dean that I left. It’s all my fault this even happened.”

“Nah, he was trackin’ us, would’ve caught up to us soon anyway.”

“I really am okay, you can let go now.”

“Shut up and just let me.”

“You can’t keep me whole forever, Dean.”

“Watch me.”


Watching Him

His infectious laugh rings out through the lunch-rush packed diner.

The remaining heads swivel, seeking out the source, the rest were already watching him.

Just like you were.

You always are.

Watching him. Drinking him in. Saving him up.

All the details of his smile, the crinkles next to his eyes that get deeper each year, the perfect curl of his lashes, his collar always turned up.

For when he’s gone the next time.

Because there will be another.

Just a matter of when and where.

Which monster will have the honor? Hopefully something worth fighting, maybe even you.



He’s giving you that look.

The one you can never ignore.

None of your avoidance techniques will work when he’s caught you in his intensity, you can’t help but meet him there. Ready to give him whatever he needs or wants, no matter what it is.

His words fade away when he sees that he’s got your acceptance, but he still keeps looking, tunneling into what feels like your heart. He can always see through your flimsy walls into what you try to keep hidden. He doesn’t always say anything about what he finds there. It’s enough that he knows.

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Excuse me whilst I do a single girl Mexican wave of awesome! *\o/* :D Thank you so much for playing!

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