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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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31 flavors of sam

Now That Was A Year

Happy Happy New Year! We made it to 2016, can you believe it? I swear I battled all year with remembering that it *was* 2015, so I have no idea how I'll do this year...

A list of Last Year's fic production (because I was kinda curious seeing all the round-ups y'all were doing)
I kinda stole this format from firesign10 and then added and subtracted for my own purposes.
It was a small production year for me, about half as much as I've done in the past few years. And only a few things were written just because I wanted to, as in, not because I'd signed up for something. A sign of how hard of a year it was for me personally, my engagement with the show, or some combination of the two I suppose. Hoping 2016 will be better and more creative/productive.

Fics Written in 2015: 17, (11 if you take out the drabbles)
Total Words Written in 2015: 77,930

2015 Challenges & Exchanges Completed
spnspiration challenge
spnbigpretzel crowley's christmasfic exchange

Women of Letters Wednesday Drabbles
Here and Here
600 words total

Bingo Fills
spnspiration mixed-media, first person POV, fabulism

Fic List
Hair’s Breadth

My Time Coming, Any Day (don’t worry about me, no)

Heart Rules Head

Lion’s Mane

Taboo Truths

No Small Matter

On Deck for January


Fics I promise I'm finally finishing this year
The one I got mostly done for spnopera,
The one about shark week

Bingo Cards I'm not giving up on because I'm that stubborn and/or I like them too much
spninspiration, trope-bingo, hc-bingo

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Check out you and your bad self and the productivity :D!!

Yes! Now I can count the number of betas I did this year :) (determined to do this for myself, cuz I need to prove to myself that I DID SOMETHING CREATIVE this year...!)

Congratulations on an awesome 2015! Looking forward to working with you in 2016!!

Yesss, my super-beta savior, you really did do most of them. And yes, go do a list, because if you need a reminder of your creativity,then re-reading just one of your awesome fics from this year will do the convincing.
Yes yes yes to another year ahead!
That's a whole lot of yes all in one comment, but I'm starting out the year on a positive note apparently just for a change of pace...

A hearty round of applause for all of this fannish productivity! :DDD Even if it's a lot less than in previous years, it's still impressive, and we are privileged to have you. <3333

Well thank you so very much for this kind comment. You are right, even though it was a lot less, I still did it, and put it out there, and I'll allow myself to be proud about that. Thanks! And I feel privileged to have you as a reader.

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