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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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First Try At A Post

I'm Smalltrolven, self-named  thanks to the Captcha when I signed up for LiveJournal! I thought it was kind of cool sounding and unique and I never would have made it up on my own.  The reason I'm on LiveJournal at all is the TV show Supernatural. 

I'm a recent fan, just started watching in October of 2010 while recovering from a major surgery.  In my painkiller haze I noticed this cool show that came on after Angel and Charmed in the mornings on TNT and I was completely hooked. It became a routine for me to watch both episodes every weekday and the show got me through some extremely painful and lonely months.   

I do remember seeing the episode The Monster At The End Of The Book a few years ago, maybe when it first aired, and I enjoyed it, but it was kind of confusing and I could tell there was a whole lotta backstory to this show.  Boy was I ever right about that. 

As I started really getting into the show I of course turned to the internet for more information about it and on the IMBD boards first heard about ontd_spnparty.  The enthusiasm and endearing craziness of the fans posting about the show really got to me and I started reading fanfiction.  Lots and lots of fan fiction.  Making up for lost time in a way as there were more than five years worth out there to be consumed.  I don't know if I'll ever write any myself,
that remains to be seen. 

I'd say I lean towards being a DeanGirl, my OTP is Sam/Dean, my OT3 is Sam/Dean/Impala.   I honestly don't get the whole angel slash thing with Castiel junkless, emotionless, huh?

Yesterday all 5 seasons arrived from Amazon (big sale woohoo!) so now I can go back to getting other movies from Netflix.  I just finished watching alllll 5 seasons one disc at a time from Netflix. I can't wait to see how season 6 wraps up and I can't even conceive of there not being a season 7. 

I haven't figured out too much on LJ as far as posting goes, have managed to add a user pic, one of my absolute favorite scenes of the whole show, the Ouija Board scene from In My Time of Dying.