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First of the Last 20

Snagged from firesign10

Post the first line of the last 20 fics posted, newest first.

What an interesting exercise this was! Seeing all the first lines all in one place is very cool. So many of them are dialogue.  And several are really really short. Hmmm, maybe I do have a writing style after all.

1.Sam knows something strange is going on with Dean when he notices the strange haircut. - Hair’s Breadth

2. At first, the books were a diversion from the initial all-consuming impulse he’d had to translate the tablet. My Time Coming, Any Day (don’t worry about me, no)

3. They stopped on their way out of town at a Walmart, parking near one of the fences furthest from the store entrance. - Heart Rules Head

4. The crushing sameness of hospital rooms, one indistinguishable from the next is the thing that always gets to him. - Thirty-One Flavors

5. “You really okay, Sammy? There’s too much blood.” - Whole

His infectious laugh rings out through the lunch-rush packed diner. - Watching Him

7. He’s giving you that look. - Acquiesce

8. “No, Sam. I hadn’t thought about it much. But yeah, of course. If you want to go to clown college to get over your weird thing, then you should go for it.” - Coffee Consciousness

9. “Sam, I thought we weren’t going to air our dirty laundry in front of the kid." - Purgatory Cleanse

10. “Never do that again, Dean!” - Blood Promises

11. That momentary temptation to just give up and stay a teenager, unburdened by the Mark, is something he can’t stop thinking about. - Lion's Mane

12. “Sammy, damn it! Would you just listen to me for once? I’m telling you. Dean’s just gone. Last I heard from him was a couple of months ago. He was headed out your way. We had a big fight about it, actually,” John’s voice crackles with emotion over the phone. - No Regrets Like Modesto Regrets

13. “You really didn’t like the duct tape on the mouth thing, huh? Sorry about that, bro,” Gabriel said, shaking his head at Castiel’s minor bitch fit. “You’ve definitely been spending too much time with those Winchester brothers.” - When the Morning Stars Sang Together

14. So yes. - Potential Prophecy

15. “Sammy? You in here?” I yell into the main room of the bunker as I walk up from the kitchen. - Your Albatross

16. She ran. - Taboo Truths

17. “Father? Papa? Oh Daddy-most-dearest? Aren’t you awake yet?” - No Small Matter

18. “This is where they filmed ‘The Birds’, you know,” Dean says for at least the third time on their long drive from Flint, Michigan to Bodega Bay.  - Salt Water Cure

19. “Dean, it’s me! Don’t you see me?” Sam yells out the Impala’s window at the figure walking along the edge of the dark mountain road. - Hard Row to Hoe (All by Yourself)

20. He’s finally driving out of South Dakota towards where he promised he’d go. - Aurelia
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