smalltrolven (smalltrolven) wrote,

Yes, There is Actually Some Writing Going On

Starting out the year with lots of writing projects signed up for, which is good, deadlines and challenges are inspiring for me.

Thought some of you might be interested in this one going over on tumblr: Spn Case Fic Mini-bang  writer sign-ups are open until February 28th, 7,500 words minimum and your challenge is to make up a new monster....oh the possibilities!  Something new and fun to try out, hey, why not?!

Sam Winchester Big Bang - still working on my first draft which is due this Friday the 15th. Honestly, I'm working on two things simultaneously and I'm not sure which one I'll be submitting. It'll be down to the wire.

The wincest_reverse bang is coming up soon too, looking forward to art claims day which is Sunday, January 31st at 2 pm MDT.

Just signed up for the always awesome spn_j2_bigbang can't believe this will be the fifth one for me, and it's apparently the tenth for the bang, how awesome is that? That is a whole lot of years and fic and art, wow....  Now to figure out what the heck to write for this one!

Looking forward to posting the spn_reversebang that sailorhathor and I are working on in just a couple weeks. We post on January 29th.

And I got inspired by the end of round six of hc_bingo and started a series of related fics that will give me an amnesty bingo if I get them all done in time.  I'll be putting Sam/Dean through the following: Confession in a desperate situation, food poisoning, falling, magic trouble and finally--moving.  Sounds like fun, eh?

Lots of writing happening so far this year, yes, good, this is good.
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