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We'll find you a soft rock station. Always knocks you right out.

Thanks to vexedwrench I'm now signed up for fandomhits

fandomhits a song-fic challenge!

Come check us out! Get your own playlist, write to the beat of your own drums and time frame, and get a customized album cover when you're done!

Here's the list of songs 1970's Soft Rock songs I get to work with, (a good list to put Sam to sleep according to Dean)...

Don't Stop Believin' -- Journey
Renegade -- Styxx
Another One Bites The Dust -- Queen
Sister Christian -- Night Ranger
Don't You (Forget About Me) -- Simple Minds
Foolin' -- Def Leopard
Carry On Wayward Son -- Kansas ((I laugh every time this comes up for SPN))
Cold As Ice -- Foreigner
Knockin' on Heaven's Door -- Guns 'n Roses
Right Here Waiting -- Richard Marx
Saturday in the Park -- Chicago
Even the Nights are Better -- Air Supply
How Much I Feel -- Ambroisa
Show Me The Way -- Peter Frampton
Take it Easy -- Eagles
Heartache Tonight -- The Long Run
Wheel in the Sky -- Journey
Under Pressure -- Queen

Oh so many great ones for Sam to nap to...
Now to find 12-14 stories about that!

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