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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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Between Two Episodes

At the end of 11.14 "The Vessel", the boys are sitting on a crumbly old dock looking out at the water. Dean is holding the exhausted Hand of God. Sam asks him about his feelings about his trip into the past, Dean doesn’t say much, Sam leaves him alone to think his angsty thoughts. But why are they there at that dock? It’s right after the revelation of Casifer. So how and why did they go from the Bunker to the dock?  

As good as the conversation was with caring Sam and all, it seemed very one-sided and incomplete to me. I just feel like there must have been something said between Sam blasting Lucifer out of the Bunker and them sitting on that dock together. Because no way would Dean not even freaking ask how Sam was feeling about having just confronted the goddamn Devil.
Out and about in the world.
In their friend.
In their supposedly safe home.
His brother's torturer was right there, threatening his life, and Dean's not going to at least check in and find out how Sam is doing? Really?

And then at the beginning of 11x15 "Beyond the Mat", they’re back in the Bunker researching their little hearts out as if nothing has happened….how/why is that possible?

So I'm writing a story that fills that in for myself, because it's really bugging me that they didn't show us that conversation.

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I'm so glad you're pointing this out, I was thinking the exact same thing! It doesn't make any sense that Dean would not worry about how Sam is handling being faced with his century-long tormentor like this - up close and personal in their home, wearing their friend. It would never be Dean's first, let alone his only, reaction to determinedly swear to save Cas no matter what, he would have worried about Sam instead. Especially since Sam's only just escaped the cage for the second time.

It's heartbreaking and infuriating how little the writers care about their show's own canon, their characters and the brothers' relationship. With Jensen always stressing at cons that he thinks SPN is at its best when concentrating on the formula of the two brothers hunting evil together, it's even more surprising that it's just not happening anymore. I mean, I'd expect the stars of the show to have a little more pull with the writers, right? Or maybe not, I don't know. Still, I would have thought it should have become obvious by now to the showrunners that most fans are in it for that formula, for the brothers, their relationship, their fight together. Ignoring your main characters' most defining personality traits and their dynamic like this is just...ignorant, lazy, wrong, ridiculous, shortsighted and whatnot. *shakes head*

Phew. Sorry for the rant. Guess I had some feels about this bottled up, and I'm glad to be able to vent here. :) (Tumblr is just not meant for discussions and conversations like this, is it? Just something I've been noticing since dipping my toe in there.) I'm also so very happy you decided to fix this mess! Fanfic always makes everything better, and I'm very much looking forward to yours! Thanks, hon. Have a good night and may the muse be with you! :) ♥

Glad you got all that out, and I agree very much. Especially the bit about the writers not really honoring or even getting the brother relationship. Sad because it is completely unique on tv. Hope that you'll enjoy the "fix" that I come up with.

I think you make a really good point. I guess I accepted what the show gave us because: 1) Sam says something about "how did you spend your day?" and I figured they'd talked about Sam having to face Lucifer earlier, at least Dean saying something like, "How're ya doin'?" and Sam being all stoic because they've just "lost" their friend; and 2) Dean was so shell-shocked by his experience on the submarine, where he couldn't save a single soul, and all that for nothing because the Hand of God was a dud anyway (altho small win because Delphine was able to destroy the German ship).

Also, maybe Dean learned a new sigil for warding against archangels!

Looking forward to your fic...There's all that space in between (where is that dock vis a vis Lebanon, KS anyway? At least 1,000 miles away?)

Edited at 2016-02-28 12:54 am (UTC)

I know you're right that we're supposed to assume that Dean had already asked Sam if he was okay before they got to the dock. But I'm tired of having to assume that Dean is still the caring brother that we know he is, I want to see it. *greedyfan* Show us Sam being stoic in the car on the drive there or something...
But yes, I really hope Dean remembers the sigil thingie it might come in useful. And I found a nice big reservoir only 40 miles away from the bunker on google maps that I'm using for the setting of the story.

I'm always for showing more caring Dean! It feels like the show hasn't given us much of that lately, and that's frustrating. I go back to earlier seasons all the time (also I've learned that music vids really help when I need to find that particular mood for a fic! I can't believe how many awesome vids there are! I could waste ALL my time watching! Amazing talent, that ability to distill so many feels into a two-minute vid!)

Yeah for you finding a setting only 40 miles from the bunker! Can't wait to read!

As much as I love this show, they drive me nuts with how much is not said. There are things that people in their particular situations would just HAVE to say, and they don't say it, not because of a lack of time or because of distance between Sam and Dean, but because the writers just go DUUUH or something. It doesn't make sense otherwise. Sometimes it seems to happen because it's more convenient for the plot, and those are the most frustrating non-conversations of all.

Well all the unsaid stuff is rich fodder for fanfic writing! The not-conversations are super frustrating though at such crucial plot turning points.

100% agree!! I mean Dean asked how Sam was when he got out of the cage, which was great. But then in this episode and the next nothing but they do have time to talk about Castiel?!

That's true he did ask that when Sam got out of the cage, which was perfectly handled. Especially Sam being honest and saying no I'm not okay. But the big nada in this one just did not make sense to me.

It's kinda reminding me of S7 when everyone kept asking if Dean was OK after Castiel's betrayal and "death" and while yes of course Dean would be upset and people should see if he is OK. But what about Sam? Castiel was his friend too and Castiel was the one that nearly killed him but no one asked Sam if he was OK.

Sigh I get why they didn't talk about it in the Vessel because Dean is clearly effected by what happened to him but I was expecting something in 11x15.

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