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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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Only 3 More Days

Eeek, posting my first BigBang in 3 days!

I just read the story all the way through again last night for the first time in a month, and yep, it made me cry in the same spot it always does.
Is that weird that my own fic makes me cry?  I'll admit I'm an easy crier, but still, you'd think I'd know what was coming since
I wrote it and it wouldn't get to me.  But nope, guess I'm just really susceptible to the schmoop and emotionality which seems to be the way I always approach writing Sam/Dean. 
My artist just sent me some of the finished pieces last night so I'm going to play around with how to incorporate them into posting
a multi-chapter fic.  I've only done a multi-chapter one time before, so hopefully it works and I don't screw it up.  

I haven't made a .pdf file yet or figured out the hosting of that, so that's another thing for me to figure out.

And as a first time BB author, I'm just worried no one will even read or like my fic. Gulp.  Usually I'm not so worried when I post
something, but I really love this story a whole lot.

As a teeny-tiny spoiler, the picture above figures into my fic...

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Congrats! That is awesome. BB are fun but man they are work.
Do you have an archive of our own account? If you upload there people can download it, that might help with the whole PDF thing.

Thanks! Yes they are a lot of work, but so far the fun is winning out.
I do have an ao3 account, just got it recently, I didn't know that it made it easy to download from there, so I'll definitely upload it there. I appreciate your telling me :-)

I love AO3 so I am glad to point it out. I actully downloaded a pdf of one of mine that I couldn't find the doc of. It is a Wip and i confused myself, how sad it that?

So yeah YAY for AO3.

hi! As someone who struggled mightily posting my first multi-chapter fic (right up to midnight on my posting day!), I'd strongly urge you to consider posting it all on LJ now but marking them private. Then you can proof how it looks with the art, check that your links are good (do link the next chapter at the bottom of each chapter if you can.) Then on your posting day, you can unlock everything and no last minute worries!

(Maybe you're already planning to do this -- but if I can spare someone the trauma I went through, it was worth a try.)

Congrats on your first spn_j2_bigbang!

Thanks so much! Great advice, I'm doing it that way, as soon as I get the final art that is....

I think it's actually wonderful that you get teary eyes reading your own fic. If you don't enjoy it, why write, am I right? (says the girls who hates writing and so DOESN'T! XD)

also, OWLS!

And posting stuff takes billions of years, so do as the person right above me said and get a draft all ready to go.

As for the PDF, if you crosspost to AO3, there's a way to download in multiple formats automatically built in to the site. I think they had invite codes at omgspnbigbang recently. I know I came across it in the newsletter so you may be able to do that?

And people will definitely read it! It's kinda guaranteed your work will be read when you post in a challenge, right!

Congratulations & I look forward to it! (as soon as I finish the stupid summer semester that's currently kicking my ass) ^_^

Aww thanks, I do enjoy writing, guess that's why I do it, and yeah, if I make myself cry maybe someone else will be touched also.
Glad you like the OWLS! You know about these particular ones from Supernatural right?
I didn't explain this picture, maybe I should have.

Yes on the AO3, I got invite codes from that very place and got an account a couple weeks ago. That was so nice of them to do that. Guess I better figure out how to use the site so I can post my BB there.

ooh summer semester, that's tough. Hope you kick it in the ass! (one of my fave supernatural sayings)

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