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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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Spring Fling Posting

dean woohoo
I stayed up late late late finishing up my springfling story last night. So late that I had to look up what time it was in Hawaii...
And just as I was pushing the attach file to my email to the mods (at 2am), the power went out.  Just for a few moments, not even
enough time to light candles or find a flashlight.  But...got it done and sent off once my internet rebooted. Can't wait to see who it was for....and to read all the other great fics that are starting to post today!

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Phew! That was a bit of suspense you didn't need. :D

I know, right?! It was a tense few minutes I really didn't need at 2am.

LOVE ME SOME SPRING FLING. And yeah, so fun to find out who it was you wrote for. And all the amazing fic to read. It's such a great challenge, one of my favorites!

Me too! Spring Fling is always so much fun, all these great compact stories and the anonymity is special.

Damn this techy crap! lol! Glad you got it sent off. I'm so nervous but hope whoever has mine is pleased. Can't wait to see who I got :D

Oh god your icon is awesome, his eyes! wowwowowow! I know, the techy crap is always a hurdle, it's like the machines know when you're stressed out and decide to act up. I'm nervous right along with you. Mine turned from schmoopy to porny in an eye blink, so there's something for everyone to enjoy I suppose...

Mine was meant to be fic, I ended up arting O_O lol!!
And his face in that picture, damn, just so adorably gorgeous and yep, his eyes kill me!

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