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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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Beta Help and Spring Writing Round-up

I've been trying to write too many things at once so my planning has gone awry. I forgot to get my spn-casefic betaed, yikes! It posts in mid-may, is 7,000 words and is Wincest NC-17.
If anyone has time for a quick look-see, I'd be forever grateful!
Thank you very much!

But besides that...coming very very soon, I have a story completed for wincest-reverse-bang (posting 5/5), as well as the next story in my wincest first-time h/c series.
I'm also finishing up the majority of the writing for a spn-j2-bigbang story which is unlike all of my others and a spn-meanttobe that has me pining for writing it nearly every day.
(Don't you hate that when the story that's due the latest in your schedule is wrapped around your brain-stem and won't let you go to write all the rest of your to-do list? Or is that just me?)

And speaking of the to-do list:
I still haven't started my fandomhits but I've sketched out several of the stories I want to write for it.
I'm in the beginning stages of work on my wincest-bigbang story.
Still one more h/c story to go in the series, then I'll actually finish the h/c bingo for once.
Not giving up on finishing my spnspiration bingo, just palimpset, deep-focus and wild-card to go.

With all of these stories roaming around my laptop and my mind, it's helpful to write it all down in one place once in a while.

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I can help with your casefic. What level of beta were you wanting?? Basic spelling and grammar or more in-depth feedback??

vyper @ iinet.net.au

Thank you so much, you are awesome! Just emailed you...

You are so far ahead of me LOL good job!

I can beta after the 1st and BB check-in.

Far ahead of you? Well, I didn't share the pitifully small word count on my big bang, trying not to panic about that one. Thanks for letting me know you can beta after the 1st, I may hit you up with one of the other stories in the works.

You're getting along nicely bb!! :D

Thank you so much! I'm trying to keep on keeping on...

You're doing a fabulous job bb!! *\o/*

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