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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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Trying to make sense of the gobbledygook

As I said on tumblr, I think this episode is a great example of what happens when you write yourself into a corner. It comes out as incomprehensible goobledygook.

I have really enjoyed most of season 11, so I found myself trying to find the good in this episode, here's what I came up with:

Sam is amazing in this episode.

He puts the mission of stopping Amara before any of his personal issues with the beings they have to work with. A man with a plan.  He is unstoppable.
He doesn’t flinch from being in Lucifer’s presence. He stands strong in the face of having that being in his own house. He needed to focus on getting the job done, and he did, despite all the past and recent trauma that Lucifer has done to him.  That’s beyond amazing to me.

He absolutely trusts that Chuck will protect him from Lucifer (thankfully he does.) His enduring faith in the face of finding out what a jerk Chuck really is remains inspiring.

He doesn’t freak out that Lucifer holes up in his room to hide from Chuck. He’s annoyed but only because it delays the conversation that he then helps facilitate between Lucifer and Chuck.  His cool is enviable.

He gets Rowena on their side without any trouble at all. And impresses the hell out of her friend, Clea (of course.) He can convince anyone with that smile.

He apparently has a chat with Chuck about taking on the Mark to save the Universe. Not just the world, but reality itself. He’s willing to do this because he promised Dean that he would take care of Amara since Dean knew he could not. And he was following through on that promise. His commitment to taking care of his brother is beautiful.

He was able to stop Dean from going to Amara with just a gentle touch of his hand. His connection with his brother is powerful.

But the rest of it is, like I said before, gobbledegook:

Sam and Dean sitting so close together, huddling against one another in the presence of God and Lucifer. Attempting to play relationship counselors like they did with the witch couple. Played as comic and for laughs (I guess), it just set the whole episode off on the wrong foot.

Honestly, they lost me after Dean joked that he always lies when he apologizes to Sam. The few apologies we've ever seen, they've seemed pretty damn heartfelt and hard for Dean to even voice. Apologies seem to be one of the hardest things for Dean to do. I know he was joking to try and cajole Chuck into apologizing to Lucifer, but Sam's reaction just broke my heart.

"It's like the worst episode of Full House ever," says Dean. It was like a fourth-wall break to me. It felt like Jensen was saying that to us, the audience in that moment, even on re-watch that's how this line came off to me.  Because Dean's standing there outside his brother's bedroom, where Lucifer, their own personal Adversary with a capital 'A', the reason their mother was murdered, Sam's torturer and rapist, is in there sulking like Creation's oldest teenager. In what universe would Dean Winchester be making a joke like that? I almost wonder if it was a Jensen ad-lib.

That whole scene where Dean was trying to express his hesitations about their plan to lock up Amara, he made no sense. Sam seemed to forget his understanding about his brother's connection to Amara. Why didn't Sam stand up for Dean then? Instead of agreeing with Lucifer?! They didn't listen to him though, and it turned out Dean was right.

We were supposed to start rooting for Amara, right?  I mean, I cheered when she kicked that stupid 'World's Greatest Dad' mug off the map table.
After seeing what a jerk Chuck was, listening to his pointless justifications for abdicating responsibility. Apologizing all over the place (to everyone besides Sam & Dean) I kinda hope he's reduced to being a human. Now that might be something funny for season 12. Cas and now-human-Chuck can go off on their own and let the boys get back to hunting.

I was hoping after Amara looked at Dean's framed photo of himself with his mother, that she'd appear to him as Mary. Either just to mess with him or to convince him to side with her. Also, that's the photo from 10.23 that Sam threw down as his last-ditch attempt to appeal to Dean.

I love how Rowena says 'Giant' to Sam, like she says 'Fergus' to Crowley, the same disdain and venom. Love it.
I really wanted Sam to join in with Clea and Rowena to make a coven, how cool would that have been? You know Sam's got to have learned some magic by now, right?

I was hoping for a moment there that the Mark would somehow activate Sam's latent powers and he'd be able to save he and Dean from the celestial being cage match. Disappointment...but at least Dean was holding onto him.

What happened to Death being the only one powerful enough to reap God?

After all that, I'm left with the burning question...Were Chuck's pancakes any good?
Seems to me if God is in your kitchen, cooking you pancakes, you ought to eat them at some point.

A crazy mess of an episode that I truly wonder how they are going to create a finale that leads into a season 12.
I'm kind of looking forward to it, just because of that, so maybe it was an effective penultimate episode after all?

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The whole Lucifer storyline this season has felt so wrong to me I don't even know what to think about this episode. The "Full House" thing with Lucifer locked in Sam's bedroom (SAM's! as if he hadn't invaded every other space of Sam's now he takes his refuge in the bunker too?! Arghh!)

Good point about the Death being God's only reaper. Huh. I bet the writers forgot about that one!

I don't know about rooting for Amara, but Dean obviously can't help wanting to help her when she's down (at least that looked like what he was trying to do? When Sam put his hand out to stop him?) She does a great job pointing out all of Chuck's flaws, and man there was some meaty and complicated stuff going on there! I guess we're supposed to sympathize with her a little. She's so obviously in love with Dean! (or whatever their weird connection is supposed to be -- it def comes off like attraction)

I basically paid attention when Rowena was talking, and tuned everything else out. She had all the best lines. And I loved her plan with Clea. (ARGH.)

I really wanted Sam to join in with Clea and Rowena to make a coven, how cool would that have been? You know Sam's got to have learned some magic by now, right?


I second all of this! I really liked S11 up until this episode. I thought things were finally looking up after the mess that was the past several seasons. But this? Didn't make a lot of sense and made light of so many issues, it's all just become completely absurd. I'm also right there with you in regards to the relationship counseling and Dean's line about the apologies - that was just wrong and definitely ruined the episode for me. I'm also not sure if Sam taking on the Mark - without discussing any of it with Dean on top of it - wasn't pretty OOC for him, considering their histories and Sam's fervent determination to never be controlled by anything ever again. I also felt like this decision should have been important enough to not simply happen off-screen and be brushed off while all the other things were happening.

Also, I was really hoping for at least a line or two about the Samulet sometime since it's reappearance. It made me so happy to see it again but I felt a bit let down that Dean never even talked to Sam about it. One question along the lines of "Oh wow, you picked this out of the trash and kept it on you this whole time?!" would have sufficed, but no. Brushed off like so many other things. *sighs*

But yeah, let's see what the finale will bring... I'm also wondering what kind of story arch there could possibly be after we've already encountered Satan, God, his sister, Archangels and whatnot. Jesus maybe? He's the only one who's been notably absent from the whole biblical mess. Or do you think the Amara vs. God storyline will carry over into S12? To be honest, I'm kind of over it already. Let them take Crowley, Rowena, Lucifer and Cas with them and let SPN go back to the basics - the episodes in S11 without any of those characters and without advancing the whole Amara thing were the absolute best of the whole season, in my opinion. But maybe that's just me...

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