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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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H/C Again

I got a little closer last round to actually finishing for a bingo (3 out of 5), so I decided to go ahead and grab a card for this round. Most of the things I got on this new card are extremely do-able and applicable to Sam/Dean so I'm excited to give it another try. Unwanted transformation, depression, abandonment issues, almost all of these have been covered on SPN already, all except robots/androids. Although there was the whole mandroid thing...
There are still two fics coming in my Diagonal Falls series of five related h/c, one is so close to being done. Just have to get the big bang and meant to be stories done and posted!

depression abandonment issues hallucinations CPR / rescue breathing surgery
unwanted transformation near death experience hypoglycemia / low blood sugar mercy killing forced to face fear
homesickness arrest WILD CARD trust issues dystopia
forgiveness robots / androids explosion wings loss of job / income
hostile climate serial killers witch hunt drugged pandemics and epidemics

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Go on with your bad self!

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