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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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fic: Marveille (Sam/Dean, Sam/Dean/Delphine NC-17) Part 4 of 7

Part 3

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After ten minutes of searching, Sam finally found Dean in the garage, which should have been the first place he looked. Dean was on the crawler under the jacked-up Impala. He didn't roll out at first when Sam started trying to have a conversation, but he finally gave in.

“Listen, we both said to try for something with her, right? I agreed, you agreed, we both did it, so what’s the big deal?” Dean asked, studiously concentrating on wiping his hands clean on a rag instead of meeting Sam’s eyes.

Sam hesitated then, knowing that what he was about to say was a huge risk. But their lives had been screwed up so many times by not being honest or unclear about their priorities, or holding back on sharing their true feelings. He looked at his brother’s confusion, and decided for both of them that now was the time, it was now or never. “Dean, I don’t really know how to say something like this to you. I don’t even know if you can hear something like this.”

“Now you’re really worrying me, Sammy,” Dean said, wrapping his arms around himself in a loose self-hug that was also a shield.

“No, it’s not like that, Dean,” Sam said, reaching out to take one of Dean’s hands in his. He held it for a long moment, took a deep breath and looked straight across at Dean. “Okay, here goes everything, I guess. I’m afraid of upsetting the balance we've finally achieved between us after so many years of trying. I’m worried that anything either of us does with Delphine will end up breaking us for good, just when we’re finally really back together.”

Dean’s eyes went shiny with tears he wasn’t going to let fall, but he let Sam see them anyway. He blinked them away slowly, letting Sam come back into focus, at the center of it all, right in the center where he was supposed to be. “I’m so glad you said it and not me. But then I’m chicken-shit about stuff like this and you aren’t, you never have been. But it’s like you read my mind, Sammy. I’ve been thinking about all that too.”

“This might be our only chance for something like this, so who gets to pursue it? Can we just decide something like that?” Sam asked.

“I can’t if it means I lose you. I won’t do it,” Dean declared.

“Same here,” Sam agreed.

“So she has to be okay with us still being together, but dating whichever of us she chooses?” Dean asked.

“Think that’s fair to her or something she’d even understand?” Sam asked.

“Yeah, I do, actually. C’mon she could have left weeks ago, but she's still here and she's beautiful and sassy and she gets us.”

“You’re right, she's as badass as any hunter and as smart as all the Men of Letters put together.”

“Let’s just call it People of Letters, Sammy, c'mon fair's fair right? Yeah, she’s pretty much perfect for either of us.”

“I think you’ve always needed a woman more than I have.”

“Because why exactly?” Dean asked.

“Look at how many more you’ve had over the years, even after we got together,” Sam said.

“But they didn’t mean anything, you know that. And I can tell that she will. I mean, she already does, if I’m honest.”

“I agree, but I really want you to have a chance to be happy, to have both if you can,” Sam said.

“Well, I want that for you too. I mean, you’re the one who always wanted normal, Sammy. And this is a whole lot closer to normal than just sticking with you and me.”

Magic MOL Divider

They put it to her that night after the dinner dishes were done. Sam asked her to join them for brandy in the library. Dean was nervously pacing, Sam was sitting, swirling his brandy in a snifter.

“What’s up gentlemen?”

“There’s something we need to ask you to decide. If you want to try for something with one of us, can you just go ahead and choose? Because we keep going around and around, and we haven’t been able to decide. We thought you might be able to cast the deciding vote.”

“You expect me to choose one of you and what? We go off and live happily ever after? That’s not going to happen and you know it.”

“No, you’re right, we should have clarified. Dean and I, we’re a forever kind of thing, that doesn’t change. He and I don’t do well if we’re separated for too long. It’s embarrassing, but it is what it is. What we’re asking is, if you would like to have a relationship with one of us in addition to the two of us still being together,” Sam said.

“What, being a woman on the side for one of you?” Delphine demanded.

“Yeah, I guess. But not all sneaky and everything, it would be just part time, that’s true. And whichever of us it is, it’ll take some getting used to. But we both are…well we’re both so set on having you in our lives somehow,” Dean said.

“I cannot decide until we go to bed. You cannot possibly expect me to decide something as important as this based on just a few kisses.” She drained her brandy glass and set it down on the table in front of Sam. “So come on then.” Sam stood up and looked nervously over at Dean. Dean nodded at him and tried to smile.

Delphine stomped her foot and glared at them both. “Mon Dieu dans le ciel!  You two are the most frustrating men in the world. Both of you, bed, now.”

Dean and Sam looked at each other and their eyes widened almost comically. Had they really not considered this as an option?

Delphine began laughing at both of them, holding her sides as she cackled. “You never thought of this as an option did you? Have you never heard the French term: ménages à trois?” She wiped her eyes dry and faced both of them with crossed arms. “It means a household of three, which is essentially what we have become, except for the sexual question which is where you are hung up. Of course, so American you are.”

“Hey!” Dean said, “I’ve had plenty of threesomes, Sam and I have even done that a few times together.”

“Could this work though?” Sam asked. “Now that I’m thinking about it, there’s a real possibility there.”

“We need to have this discussion afterwards. If we aren’t sexually compatible then there’s no point in wasting the breath. I am serious here gentlemen, the offer is about to expire, now or never.”

“Let’s go for it, Sammy, why not?”

Sam’s answer was to grab both of them and steer them towards Dean’s room. “We’re using your bed, Dean, it’s the biggest.”

“That’s what they all say,” Delphine teased.

Sam looked at Dean over her head as they walked down the hall and they both laughed, because this woman was taking them to bed, giving them a gift that wasn’t necessarily deserved. But damn if they weren’t going to take her up on it.

Dean opened the door to his room and scanned to make sure there wasn’t anything too embarrassing lying around. At least he knew his sheets were clean, he’d changed them after the other wild night with Sam. But besides that night, they hadn’t had much sex in here lately. While all of this had been hanging between them, it hadn’t seemed possible. And god he wanted Sam so badly right then, relying on him to get them to the point where they could even talk about this stuff was maybe not the smart choice. But hey, they were all here in the same room about to get naked, that had to be a good sign, right?

“How are you picturing this working, Delphine?” Sam asked, rubbing his hands on his arms like he was cold.

Dean crossed to him and held his hands to steady him, that arm rubbing gesture usually meant Sam was way past just nervous.

“I am not in charge here, Sam. We are all of us, in this together, right?” Delphine said.

“I feel like I’m at a tryout for a play or something,” Sam complained.

“Just go with what feels good, you’ll figure it out like you always do, Sammy,” Dean said, pulling him down for a hug. He kissed Sam deeply, until he heard that gorgeous moan that meant Sam’s engines were started and raring to go. When he pulled back from the kiss he met Delphine’s eyes which were wide and luminous in the dim light. He reached out to her and drew her into his side, holding her close. “You like seeing that, huh?”

Delphine nodded and reached out for both of their belt buckles, tugging on them sharply. She then began to undo her own trousers, removing them and her shoes quickly. Dean and Sam watched her as they removed their own. She reached out again and felt both of them, hard and tenting their boxers and gripped them tightly, moving her hands up and down slowly. Both of them groaned and leaned in closer to her, bracing their arms around each other. She let go of them abruptly and stepped back to remove her blouse. They were entranced by the appearance of all that beautiful skin, so soft and glowing. She tugged at their shirts wordlessly expressing they needed to be removed. The pile of clothes was growing until they were all there in a group hug, all exposed, naked to each other, all that skin sliding and rubbing, so many hands everywhere.

At the last moment, Dean remembered they needed condoms. He groaned as he stepped away from them to rustle around in his bedside drawer. Way in the back he found an old strip of them and waved them in triumph. Delphine and Sam didn’t notice, they were so absorbed in kissing and touching that they had no idea he’d saved them from having to interrupt things at an even more crucial time. He set them on the table next to the lube that was already there and walked back over. He got a hand on each of their waists and pulled them towards the bed.

Sam fell back onto the bed next to him and Delphine landed on top of both of them. She squirmed with delight and unbridled passion as they both proceeded to suckle at her breasts. Sam’s hand reached between her legs, finding her already entirely wet. He swiped a finger through her folds, gathering up some of her sweet juices to taste.

“Dean, she’s soaked already, you’ve got to taste,” Sam said, holding his finger out for Dean to lick.

Dean licked and then sucked the whole finger into his mouth. Delphine moaned at the sight of those lips working on his brother.

“Course she is, Sammy, she was watching us make out.”

Delphine leaned forward then to stop Dean from talking and kissed the breath out of him.

“I don’t know, Dean, that was pretty damn hot to watch,” Sam said, his eyes gone dark with desire.

Delphine grinned and switched over to kissing the breath out of Sam.

“I see what you mean, that is damn hot up close like this, shit, you two are hot together,” Dean said, reaching over Delphine to stroke Sam’s back.

Sam arched his back at Dean’s touch, his hips moving between Delphine’s legs. Sam had himself propped up over her with one arm, the other moved into position so that he could finger Delphine, teasing her clit and pressing inside her. One of Dean’s hands moved down Sam’s body, pressing between his ass-cheeks, fingers teasing at his hole. Sam was thrusting harder now, Delphine’s hand wrapped around him.

Dean whispered into Delphine’s ear, “You liked watching us so much, want to see me fuck him?”

Sam whined when he heard Dean’s words, he spread his legs wide so Dean could have more room as he arranged himself between them. Sam nearly lost it when Dean’s hot breath and wet mouth teased over his hole. He stopped thrusting into Delphine and pushed himself back into Dean’s face. Dean licked and sucked until Sam was making the incoherent little gasps and whines that meant he was ready. Dean grabbed the lube and condoms off the table. He handed one to Delphine to put on Sam and went to work on opening Sam up with the lube.

Delphine’s grip on Sam never wavered, she held on tightly giving Sam somewhere to thrust into. She had to let go to roll the condom on him though, but once it was on, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down into her. He went deep inside, slick and smooth and huge, she could barely breathe with how full she felt. Sam’s thrusts were steady until they stuttered, then became even harder, because now Dean was inside him, the power of the two men combining to fill up her senses. There weren’t many words between them, their mouths occupied by kissing lips, skin, fingers, anything they could reach. There was just so much of all of it.

Delphine’s hands never stopped moving, holding onto Sam and Dean as they moved through her. She lost track of who was inside who, they seemed to sync up and all three move together as one, finding pleasure in the smallest of movements. Then she was being rolled between them, Sam on his back, still thrusting up into her and Dean behind, his slick fingers opening up her ass, stretching and filling her. She heard another crinkling package and then felt Dean pressing into her and there was no room left inside her for anything but this, only heat and slick pressure and Sam’s rhythm. She was filled completely full and she never wanted it to end.

Over her shoulder she felt them kissing each other, could hear their lips smacking, then felt Sam’s lips against her neck, and Dean took her mouth over. They moved together, a piston rhythm that seemed unstoppable. She tightened her legs around Sam’s hips and tilted her ass up just a little and that was it, the spot where she needed them to always take her. She fell over and into that endless shuddering prelude to a shattering orgasm. Delphine came back to herself in time to hear both of their cries as they came.

Dean collapsed a little forward onto them and Delphine felt the safest and happiest she had felt in her life. These men, she would give anything for them. “I would give you anything, anything at all,” she whispered.

Dean nuzzled into the hair at the base of her neck and bit her gently on the nape. “You just did, sweetheart, you just did.”

Below them both Sam wriggled a little, making them all sigh at the movement. “I don’t ever want to move, can we just stay like this forever?” Sam asked.

Delphine kissed him instead of answering, moving aside a little so Dean could lean in and kiss him also. Dean slowly pulled out of her and the loss of him inside her made her want to cry. Would it ever be that good again? How could anything ever top this? Sam held her close and wouldn’t let her move, she lay between both of them sated and heavy. Dean finally rolled off the bed and stepped away to the small sink, he came back with a washcloth that he cleaned her up with. And it felt good, warm and gentle and a little rough texture running over nerve endings still alight with pleasure. She shivered a little and tightened herself around Sam, still half-hard inside her.

“Sammy, you gotta pull out or roll over so I can clean you up.”

Sam rolled them both over, still managing to stay inside of her. She could feel Sam’s reaction to being washed by Dean and it made her tingle all over. Something about the tender care taking contrasting with the raw power of these men, it was too good. She tightened and held Sam inside her, massaging him with her inner walls until she felt him hardening. Delphine began working her hips up and down and Sam giggled. “Dean, she’s got me going again.”

“Fuck, that’s hot,” Dean said, laying back on the bed beside them. He had one hand on Delphine’s breast, rolling a brown nipple between his fingers and the other stroking himself.

“Get up here, Dean, let me taste you,” Delphine said, reaching for Dean to guide him into her mouth.

Dean groaned as she suckled him back to full hardness. He was right on the edge of too sensitive but he wanted to please her. And it was easy to get it up again so soon, watching Sam move inside her, his beautiful brother’s body, so damn graceful, yet so powerful, pumping into Delphine, her elegant legs wrapped tightly around Sam’s hips, and her nimble mouth taking his own cock too. It was so good, so deep inside her, both of them.

Dean worked a hand between their bodies reaching towards where his brother entered her, found Delphine’s clit, rubbing it gently until she began panting and urging Sam faster. She sucked Dean in deeper, one hand massaging at his balls, stroking the tender skin behind them. She came first, like an earthquake suddenly letting loose, he could feel it as she pulled him in even further down her throat, as well as seeing Sam’s hips bucking wildly as he came again. Dean couldn’t hold back, emptying into her, filling her up just as Sam had. He held his fingers up to Sam’s mouth. “Taste this, Sammy, she came all over my hand.”

Sam licked and suckled his fingers and Dean remembered he needed to take his cock out of Delphine’s mouth, she moaned as he withdrew, kissing the tip as it passed her lips. Sam pulled out of her, flopping onto his back and trying to get the very full condom off. Dean leant a hand, teasing at Sam as he rolled the condom off, leaning down to lick him clean.

Delphine covered her face with her hands and Dean could see she was shaking a little. He laid down on the other side of her and gathered her into his arms, Sam rolled over and wrapped himself around both of them.

“You okay?” Dean asked her, nuzzling into the top of her head.

Delphine nodded and let her hands down, Dean kissed the tears that glittered on her cheeks. “I am sorry, I have never had anything like this before. It is like my body does not know what to do with all this pleasure and feeling.”

Sam raised his head up so that he could look at Dean, “Did we pass your test then?”

Delphine laughed then, musical and joyous, held safely between them. “I do believe so, yes.”

Dean’s eyes were getting that heavy-lidded post-sex look that Sam had always adored. Dean sated and secure, maybe even happy for once. Sam smiled just to see it, his heart taking it in and locking the image down as another favorite. He leaned up and whispered into Delphine’s ear, “Vous êtes notre femme maintenant.”

She turned back towards him and leaned up to kiss him deeply, “Oui, et vous êtes mes hommes.”

“Hey, translation please?” Dean asked with mock-impatience.

Sam and Delphine turned back to Dean and gathered him into their embrace, tangling all the limbs together that they could. “I told her that she was our woman now,” Sam said.

“And I answered him that yes, and you are my men,” Delphine added.

“I really like the sound of that, in either language,” Dean said with a smile Sam hadn’t seen since the last time he’d given Dean a surprise present. And this kind of was a surprise present in a way, nothing they’d ever have expected or desired, but here she was, wrapped up between them.

sam divider

Months of bliss passed once they’d crossed the Rubicon together. It seemed a monumental undertaking at times, negotiating the three personalities in all their combinations, especially given the long-term relationship the brothers had. They took turns pushing each other past boundaries, testing gently how far things could go.

The brothers were competitive at times; of course they were, they were still brothers first, and that complicated things even further than a normal threesome. Feelings got hurt, there was stomping and door slamming, and Delphine had to get used to how the brothers fought and made up. That was not something they could adjust at this point. But the addition of this anachronistic woman did something to both of them, Dean became softer, communicated more and better; Sam practiced setting his boundaries and keeping to them instead of always being in forgiveness mode.

For her part, Delphine had never been happier. As she had told Dean, none of her relationships had been very long-term, and they had not ever come close to being this satisfying. She had always had an unusual relationship to sex for a woman of her time. She had found being open and adventurous had its advantages, but it wasn’t well thought of back in her time. And here, it was a true advantage with Sam and Dean, her drive for pleasure and satisfaction powered them all through many of the points where they would have given up trying to rebalance things between them. She had learned very quickly to accept her place in the pecking order of love between them all; she knew from the start that they were soul mates and was grateful for the generous amounts of love that they showered on her. She’d never expected to find anyone to love, and she felt beyond blessed to have found two.

As far as the sex went, they spent several weeks trying all of the various configurations that were possible between two men and a woman. All of them had their favorites and they tried to rotate responsibility for making sure everyone was getting something they enjoyed so that it wasn’t always the same person directing things. Delphine preferred having both of the brothers inside of her at the same time. It had always been one of her greatest fantasies and now that she’d had it, she tended to demand it fairly frequently. Luckily Sam and Dean didn’t have a problem with that; they’d learned long ago in several encounters with adventurous women that sharing a woman together could be mind-blowing if done well. She didn’t particularly enjoy sleeping between them afterwards, however. It was too hot and confining being between two walls of men all night long, so she normally ended up being spooned by one of them.

Dean discovered that he couldn’t get enough of watching Sam go down on Delphine. It got him harder than anything, especially if he was inside of Sam at the time. That was his favorite combination that they’d attempted. And he finally admitted that he did enjoy the afterglow and cuddling that came after any session they all shared. Having his bed full of people he loved and that loved him was almost enough to help him forget the pull he constantly felt to leave the bunker and find Amara.

Sam was surprised to find that he was the most jealous out of the three of them, and so he had trouble watching Dean entering Delphine, he had to be completely occupied, usually that meant he was inside Dean and directing the action. The favorite thing for him though was being ridden by Dean while Delphine rode his own face. He told them both that he felt so complete and at peace then, better than he’d felt in many years. He always had to fall asleep with a hand on each of them.

delphine divider

“Sam, can I ask you something while Dean is not here?” Delphine asked, standing at the edge of the library table.

Sam put down the sheaf of onion-skin parchment, marking his place with a take-out napkin from their favorite deli in town. “Of course, what’s up Del?”

She smiled at the nickname, Sam had explained that Dean was in the habit of giving out nicknames and making them stick, and Del seemed to be sticking. She liked it though, it made her feel more a part of them. “I am wanting to suggest something to help Dean with his nightmares of the Darkness.”

“Oh no, are they bothering you? You hadn’t said anything, so I was hoping you’d managed to sleep through them.”

“They seem to be getting worse, no?” Delphine asked for confirmation.

Sam nodded but didn’t say anything, his frustration at being unable to help his brother didn’t need to be expressed.

“I have an idea that may help. I was reading this book,” she handed him ‘Personal Objects as Amulets of Protection,' “and I came across something, look there where it is book-marked.”

Sam scanned the page, his eyes stopping at the illustrations of types of amulets that could be worn for protection. He looked up at her with wide eyes and a face gone pale. “How did you know what it looked like?”

“It was described very clearly in several of your Winchester Gospel books, as well as in the more recent ones I have read online. You do still possess it, no?”

Sam nodded and looked down at his hands, twisting in his lap, knuckles going white as he clamped them together.

Delphine put her hands on his shoulders and leaned down to kiss him softly on the cheek. “Would it not make sense now for Dean to have the protection of his amulet again? If it is related to God in some manner we do not understand, perhaps it can repel his sister or at least safeguard against her attacks.”

Sam looked up at her with wide eyes and a cautious grin. “I hadn’t thought about it like that, I’ll give it to him when he gets back. I don’t know if he’ll want to wear it again, but maybe he would try wearing it at night at least. I know the nightmares are really starting to get to him.”

“Why would he not want to wear it, Sam?”

“You know, you read the books, he threw it away, Del. Right in front of me, made sure I saw it go in the trash. For a long time, it felt like it was my whole damn heart hitting the bottom of that can.”

“This still means a lot to you, Sam. Obviously it does, given your reaction. Is it not possible that he would feel the same?” she asked gently.

“I don’t know,” Sam said, shaking his head at the thought.

She reached out and lifted his head up with a finger under his chin. “Yes, you do, Sam.” Delphine kissed him softly and left the room.

Sam stood up after getting himself together, ashamed to be so shaken about something he should have gotten over long ago. He tried to let it go as he went straight to his room, and dug around under his bed for the memory box he’d started keeping. There in the box in a hidden panel was a small black silk bag. He pulled it out and tucked it into his pocket.

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Part 5