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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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Finally, Supernatural Season 12

I was so excited to finally get to see season 12 begin, and there was a whole lot in that episode that I loved loved loved, but I came away with one burning question.

Sam seeing Mary & Jess burn, Dean die by hellhound, Dean beaten almost to death by Lucifer, those I get. Of course he still feels some base guilt for those, because that’s Sam. That is a permanent soul-level kind of guilt that isn’t going away.

But Meg??? It especially stood out to me because Sam didn’t even see her death, so his brain shouldn’t have had that “replay” image to flash up for him. He was driving away with Dean in the Impala, they left her there with Crowley, and he didn’t know how or even if she’d died. She has never been brought up since or even mentioned in passing, you’d at least have thought Cas would have said something. But no.

I’m very very glad that he didn’t see Charlie or Bobby or his Dad dying,

So why in the world did Sam see Meg dying? Any theories?


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My guess is because she sacrificed herself for him and Dean, in the attack on Dick Roman.

Seconded!!! I still hold out hope and wonder if she is actually dead. If any demon had ever made provisions for death...

Oh me too, I would love to see Meg pop back up in the midst of a Crowley & Lucifer fight and just take over. I like your idea, Meg definitely was a survivor, so who knows?

I can live in hope until all hope is extinguished!

That's what I think too, it's just interesting that it's kind of given the same level of importance by coming up in Sam's hallucinations with the other deaths.

He did see Meg's death. They drove off after Crowley stabbed her.


I guess it's cause Meg was good now and they did have a heart to heart sort of and she said she understood Sam, which Sam doesn't hear often. There is a history with Sam/Meg

Glad he didn't see Charlie-sue too.

Thank you so much for posting that video clip, I'd totally remembered that scene differently!
I think you're right, it was because Meg had just sacrificed herself to save Sam and Dean and "her unicorn"
So glad he didn't see Charlie's death, and I hope it means he doesn't blame himself for it.

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