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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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Mama Mia

Sigh. When you enjoy the side character's storyline more than the main one, you know you've got a bad episode on your hands.

I'm trying to ignore the beginning segment, it was truly horrifying, and I get this is a horror show after all, but the way they use Sam's vulnerability in this specific way as an almost running joke is too much for me. Oh being raped is just so freaking hilarious, haha. Once again we got all the hurt and none of the comfort, much less acknowledgement of what he's just gone through. I'm assuming Cas healed Sam's physical wounds (although they didn't show us) but showing Sam lying on his bed staring at his ceiling fan presumably thinking about his mom while Dean looks at pictures and drinks beer alone doesn't work for me. I'm not expecting a heart to heart conversation or anything like that, obviously that's not how the Winchesters operate, but not one, "You okay, Sammy?" from *anyone* is not cool.

But here's the main thing about this episode beyond all that mess that I don’t understand: Why Dean was hanging out at the bunker instead of in Missouri searching for Sam. I just looked it up and the bunker is more that’s six hours away from the town mentioned. Why in the world would Dean Winchester, who had in the previous episode “gone Liam Neeson” snapping a phone, etc. because of his desperation to find Sam do that? Why would he hole up that far away from where his kidnapped brother possibly was being held? Just let Cas handle it even though Dean had to coach Cas over the phone as to what to actually do to find leads on where Sam was?

I just don’t get it at all. It makes even less sense than why Dean would let Toni just walk away. What is happening here? Why is Dean not Dean in this episode? Is it just because his mom is there? Or?

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I heard the writers are getting railed on, on twitter about this shitty ep and honestly I'm glad.

What's more worrying is Dabb said "we would love the reunion and it was epic."

If that's his idea of a bro reunion, this season is fucked. Also THAT scene was awful, why is that bitch still alive? When that other MOL's said she went to far no hard feel's I was pissed.

The only saving grace was the Sam and Mary scene at the end.

Also agree about Dean, he just did seem to care about Sam. Like I understand in 12x01 because he just found out his mum his alive but that lady that attacked them clearly come from somewhere near by but Dean go's further away to research?

Then the phone call with Castiel saying he couldn't find Sam and Dean looks sad for 2.0 seconds then asks for mum advice?!

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