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fic: Subjugation Is Its Own Reward (Sam/Dean, NC-17) 2 of 3

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A few hours after they’d fallen asleep for the night, Dean’s phone went off, he answered it in a sleepy mumble, but all he could make out was Lucho telling them to get down to the Rendezvous Room right away. Someone had been hurt again.

They threw on the clothes that were scattered on the floor and hurried downstairs. Lucho was frantic when they arrived, pacing and twisting his hands. “A child…she nearly drowned,” he said in a strained, halting voice.

“We’ll go talk to the parents, okay?” Dean said, patting Lucho on the shoulder. He noticed Lucho seemed to be sweating and the front of his clothes were all wet.

Sam and Dean approached the obviously rattled parents and their little girl as they waited for an ambulance. They weren’t in disguise, so they didn’t have fake badges to flash.

“Hi, we’re with the hotel security team, and we’d like to ask you a few questions, if that’d be okay?” Sam asked.

The mother seemed to clutch the little girl closer to her chest and rearranged the soaked-through tablecloth she’d been wrapped in. “Yes, we want to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else.”

Dean looked towards the father who was staring at the fountain, his eyes filling with tears. “Sir, can you tell us what happened?” Dean asked, trying to bring the man into the conversation.

“Of course, we were just over there,” he pointed towards the small wine bar in the corner of the enormous room. “We were having a glass of wine, Olivia had fallen asleep at dinner, so we laid her down on this couch where we could still see her.”

“It all happened so fast, the music was playing so we didn't hear her,” the mother said.

Dean noticed the musicians packing up their instruments near the wine bar. They probably weren’t worth interviewing though as they’d been focused on playing at the time and wouldn’t have heard or seen anything.

All four of the adults were surprised to hear Olivia speak, her small voice, quiet and shaky. “The pretty lady wanted me to come swimming in the fountain.”

Olivia’s mother cradled her closer and kissed her cheek. The girl snuggled into her mother’s arms and seemed to fall asleep.

“We’re checking out tonight, we’re not going to spend another second in this place,” the father said, sounding a bit panicked.

Lucho finally joined them. “The ambulance is here, would you prefer to carry your daughter to them?”

The parents nodded and stood up, walking towards the staircase. Dean walked with them, wanting to ask a few more things.

On the way up the stairs together, he asked the most obvious question that came to him. “Was there anything strange about the fountain that you noticed?”

The mother stopped on the landing, shifting her daughter from one arm to the other. She pulled back the tablecloth and held up one of Olivia’s wrists so Dean could see the ring of already mottled fingerprint shaped bruises.

“She was drawn to the fountain during their whole stay, like she’d been enchanted. I don’t know what the hell these bruises mean either. There wasn’t anyone there, and we don’t do this to our girl, no one does.”

Dean handed her one of their standard business cards. “Call us if you remember anything else, okay?”

The woman nodded and headed towards the flashing red of the ambulance lights shining in the lobby windows with her husband. Dean could see Lucho holding the door open for them and darting around the ambulance helping them get situated.

As Dean walked back down the stairs, he saw Sam talking to a man near the wine bar who was dressed in a white button-down shirt and a black bow-tie. Most likely the bartender who had been working the bar.

Dean bent down and examined the water that had splashed out of the fountain, it was in one area of the tile floor, and soaked into the nearby carpet. Several chairs had been knocked over, there had definitely been some sort of struggle.

“What do you think, Sammy?” Dean asked when Sam crossed the room to join him at the fountain.

“Olivia was very lucky the bartender was a lifeguard, he got her breathing again. I think we’ve got a hell of a lot of work left to do tomorrow.”

“Let’s get back up to our bed then,” Dean said, tucking one arm around Sam’s waist and leading him to the elevator.

They snuggled back into their bed and tried to sleep, but it was useless after the excitement of the near-drowning.

“You can’t sleep either, huh? Is it the case?” Dean asked.

“Yeah, it’s partly that. That little girl could have died…but it’s—uh,” Sam stopped himself from finishing the sentence.

“I don’t want to say his name either, but the important thing is we lived to fight him another day, right?”

“It’s what he said, Dean, he’s so unhinged, even for him, you know? I’m really worried about what he’s going to do to the world.”

“You though…Sammy, you were like a goddamn superhero holding those doors open. How did you even do that?”

“I don’t know, adrenaline maybe? I just couldn’t let those people…” Sam stopped himself again.

“You did though, you saved them all. Just like the last time when you saved the whole damn world. You’ve beaten him before, and you’ll do it again. We’ll do it again.”

Sam turned to look at Dean then, quietly examining his face instead of saying anything, seeming to consciously work at absorbing his brother’s praise.

Dean lifted a hand and cupped the side of Sam’s face gently. “You really okay?”

Sam’s answer was to roll into Dean’s arms and kiss him slow and thorough, a long drawn-out exploration, like it was new all over again. It left them both breathless and hard. Sam reached a long arm out and found the tube of lube and handed it to Dean. “Your turn.”

Dean could see what his brother needed was more than just sex. Sometimes the sex they had was only about escaping their reality, but sometimes it was about grounding them into the here and now. Dean intuitively knew that Sam needed to be reminded of how real they were, how much they meant to each other and the world. All of that he could do, he promised himself as he opened his brother up slowly, enjoying the way Sam gave himself over to the pleasure.

Sam was open and ready, legs spread wide and Dean knelt between them, hands running up and down Sam’s thighs, enjoyed feeling them trembling with anticipation. He jacked Sam slowly with the lube left on his hand and Sam hissed with the feeling. His eyes went even darker, beseeching Dean to get on with it. Sam needed it right now, needed Dean to make him forget Lucifer and everything else, make him remember why, remember them.

Dean lined himself up and entered Sam slowly, all the while holding Sam’s hand, running his thumb over the scar on his palm. Sam gripped his hand tightly, thanking him for the reminder and then wrapped his legs around Dean’s hips, pulling him inside even deeper. Dean propped himself up, hands pressing down onto Sam’s shoulders, his hips driving in deep and hard, the rhythm speeding up until he lost track.

Sam’s feet were drumming on his ass in time with his thrusts, driving him on even faster, Sam’s hands clenching at his back, nails digging in. Sam’s hips raised up to meet his every thrust and the final straw was his fingers pinching at both of Dean’s nipples. Dean wasn’t sure how loudly he called out Sam’s name, but he didn’t care at that point, coming so hard, so deep inside as Sam clenched and pulled him in a little bit deeper, pulsing around him in waves as he went over the edge.

They lay together for a long moment, not moving or saying anything, just breathing together, hearts still pounding, completely connected in every way possible.

Sam’s hands went up to cradle Dean’s face and he looked at him serious and honest, so open, no lies between them any more, “Thank you, you always give me just what I need, Dean.”

Dean dipped down to kiss Sam, instead of saying something stupid like you’re welcome. They both groaned as Dean slipped out. Sam rolled over and found a t-shirt to clean them up with. Sam wrapped Dean up in his arms and they fell into a deep sleep for a few more hours.


After a very early breakfast, they headed to the security office to look at the security footage of the attack from the previous night. On the screen they could see Lucho beside the fountain. His eyes flashed strangely, which was of course, never a good sign. He appeared to be attempting to stop Olivia from being pulled into the fountain, but then he went very still, his hands falling to his sides. The water itself was formed into the shape of a woman, and her hands were wrapped around the girl’s wrists as she tugged her under the water. They watched Olivia’s feet kick as she struggled. Water splashed everywhere and Lucho shook himself awake. He reached in to pull her out, both of them tumbling to the tile floor and rolling away from the fountain onto the carpet.

“So he’s not a shifter or something, right?” Dean asked.

“Oh he’s something. Where’d you meet this guy? You never told me.”

“Vince Vicente’s manager, she came up to me outside the concert with him. He claimed he was a Lady-Heart super fan and had been at the show. She thought we’d be able to help him with his issues in the hotel.”

“Guess the question is was he really a fan who happened to be there or was he drawn to Lucifer’s power because he’s somehow in touch with that side of things?” Sam asked.

“After spending time with him yesterday, I don’t get the evil vibe off of him though. He just doesn’t seem like he’d try to drown a kid. And we just saw that he was the one pulling her out of the water.”

“I’ve been thinking about it, and the whole thing with the fountain,” Sam said. “It’s reminding me of this Spanish story about water women. They’re usually a fresh-water source kind of thing, but in LA, maybe a fountain counts? And Lucho told me the thing came from his hometown in Spain.”

“A Spanish water woman, huh? Maybe Lucho knows there’s one here in the hotel and she’s gone off the deep end?”

Sam rolled his eyes at Dean’s joke and looked something up on his laptop. “Here it is. What I was thinking of is called an Aloja or a Dona d’aigua, they live in wells or cisterns so the fountain here inside the hotel could work I guess. They aren’t immortal but can live thousands of years, tend to avoid humans, but can boil people in the waters they control. There are some legends about stealing children with a hook.”

“I love when you speak Spanish to me, Sammy.”

“Quit it, Dean. So, mostly these Alojas are just beautiful women who hang around contained water sources for a very long time and increase the wealth and prosperity of the area.”

“I did notice this one woman in the Rendezvous room when we were fooling with the fountain yesterday. I’m pretty sure she was there the whole time, even when we first saw the fountain with Lucho,” Dean said.

“What did she look like?” Sam asked.

“Long curly dark red hair, she was beautiful, but not in an LA kind of way, she stood out because she wasn’t all made-up like the rest of the women in there.”

“Did you talk to her?”

“No, I just noticed her. Honestly, I thought she worked here, seemed like she was dressed up as a historical guide or something. She didn’t seem suspicious though, so I didn’t say anything.”

“Totally your type huh?” Sam said as he scanned the video footage back to the time when they were messing with the fountain.

Before Dean could protest Sam’s assumption, there she was on the screen, watching their every move intently as they dug around in the fountain. The woman’s long red hair shimmered with an unearthly shine. Her deep blue eyes flashed in that same strange way that Lucho’s had.

“So they’re both something supernatural, we know that by their eyes. Could she be under Lucho’s control somehow, or maybe he’s meant to be her guardian?” Dean asked.

Sam checked his laptop again. “There’s a thing about the Alojas having wands made out of hazel wood that contain their powers, did we see anything like that? It might be something Lucho is keeping from her.”

“Not that I remember, but there was a lot of stuff in that fountain room. Hey, Lucho’s office is right next door, you want to go poke around in there while I watch the rest of this footage of the last couple days?” Dean asked.

“Why me?” Sam asked, not quite whining.

“Dude, you’re the one that’s better at lock-picking,” Dean said, pointing his finger at Sam. It was obnoxious, but he knew Sam loved it.

“I’ll go check it out,” Sam said, grabbing at Dean’s pointing finger and twisting it slightly.

When Sam came back a few minutes later with a long and pointy piece of dark wood, he looked so triumphant, Dean had to give him a high five.

“Found this locked in his desk drawer mixed in with the pens and pencils,” Sam said handing him the wand.

Dean examined it carefully, running his fingers over all the marks carved into the surface. On the end of it, he felt something different, a piece of metal embedded in the wood. He held it up to the light and crowed with discovery, “Look, it’s that same apple symbol.”

Sam leaned over Dean’s shoulders and peered at the wand. “Huh, it’s the same design as that metal thing in the bottom of the fountain.”

“According to the security footage, every single day she shows up near the fountain when breakfast is being served and watches people especially when they get near the water. Her eyes freak out when they actually touch it, almost like they’re touching her.” Dean ran the footage back to the times he’d seen her reaction.

Sam watched the sequences carefully. “I think you’re right. it seems like she’s trying to hold herself back from touching the people.”

Dean stood up from the security desk and stretched. “Sometimes she’s holding herself back, but then sometimes she loses it and starts grabbing little kids and trying to drown them.”


Part 3
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