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Soul's Weight - Chapter 6

Masterpost ~ Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Not much happens for a while; Dean’s almost nodding off on the comfortable couch, even though his body is thrumming with excitement, the anticipation of getting Sam back right here, right now, a constant familiar drumbeat in his blood.  But he’s tired, exhausted really, from the ordeal of the Life Review.  He thinks to himself, ”No wonder I never went in for all this touchy-feely crap, it really takes it outta you.”  But then Sam’s voice in his head reminds him, “Dean, if you hadn’t saved it up for your whole life to deal with it all at once it wouldn’t have been so bad you know.”

Yeah, the Sam inside his head is right of course, even he’s big enough to acknowledge that.  And that makes him think again of the guide he’d had, of little Sammy, holding his hand; taking him through the whole thing.  Sticking with him, not ever giving up.  Just like the grown-up Sam that he misses so much.  Sam hasn’t changed he’s always been that steady of a force in Dean’s life.  Even through the times when they’ve been apart, Sam’s always been the center post his life has been hung on. 

Not much has happened to Dean that Sam doesn’t know about, but this, all the shit he had to think about and process and just, ugh.  The thought of telling all of it to Sam makes Dean that much more tired. But he knows it’s going to be a requirement of whatever kind of relationship or life they’re going to have together.  It will be worth it he tells himself.  Just about anything is worth it for Sam after all.  If he’s been able to face his deepest fears and figure all this stuff out, he can surely manage to have one mother of a chick-flick conversation with Sam.  Besides, he’ll eat that shit up with a spoon, he jokes to himself.  Sam always has gotten off on that sort of thing.  The more feelings you’re sharing with him, the happier he seems to get. 

Dean starts daydreaming about what it will be like to have Sam back.  To hold him in his arms and hug him again, starts letting himself think about that amazing kiss they’d shared in Sam’s dream and feels a frisson of heat curl up in his belly.  “Huh, so that’s what it feels like” he thinks to himself.  To want someone that you really, truly love too.  Dean hasn’t had the pleasure of that experience yet, it will be a new thing for him. He pulls himself away from his thoughts and musings to see what Jesse and Death are up to, it seems like they’re gearing up to actually do something.

Jesse turns around and says firmly, “Dean we’re bringing Sam’s body back first, it will be without his soul.  It is really important that you stay there and don’t try to touch him or anything.  He won’t be Sam until he gets his soul back inside.  Got it?”

“Got it, I’m staying here.” Dean assents, but wondering how hard it is going to be to restrain himself from leaping up the second he can see Sam.

The two at the altar begin a chant in that language they’d used earlier, the words and syllables weaving in and out and making something tangible appear and then disappear.  Jesse’s form goes completely rigid and holds onto the edge of the altar, hands gripping so tightly his fingers turn white.  A keening, almost scream coming from his lips, he’s straining hard to do something, like he’s pulling something really heavy without moving a muscle. Death turns towards Jesse, lays his hand on his shoulder and Jesse quiets, the strain written on his face relaxing a little.  Death gestures with his other arm and an opening appears off to the side of the altar, an opening in the air.  On one side Dean can see purple and white light pouring through and then not much else, some roiling clouds, almost like the black grey smoke of a demon come pouring through the opening, and then a familiar boot steps through, soon joined by another and then his brother is standing there outside of the opening as it closes up with a faint popping sound.

Sam’s just standing there looking around blinking owlishly at the room, eyes darting here and there, not lighting on anything for long until he catches sight of Dean’s face.  Sam’s head tilts as if in confusion and he starts forward towards Dean. A completely wild feral look on Sam’s face like he’s about to attack startles Dean.  

 Jesse stops him with a light touch on his elbow.  “Sam, stay here for a second please.”  Sam flinches from Jesse’s touch as if he’s been shocked. He stops and looks back at Jesse, with no recognition, but he complies.  All the animation in his body that was there so fleetingly when he’d seen Dean across the room just disappears completely.  Dean’s sitting on the edge of the couch gripping the cushions tightly, holding himself back from striding across the room to take Sam into his arms.  But even from here he can tell that it isn’t his brother yet, his brother wouldn’t look at him that way, or act that way with Jesse.

Now it’s Death’s turn, more of the chanting words rise in unison from Death and Jesse, and Death’s body seems to get larger and larger, his hands reaching forward over the top of the altar clasping and unclasping like he’s kneading dough in midair, patting and forming like he’s got a large dough ball and then Dean sees it as if it’s one of those old TV’s getting turned on.  A hot white blue spark in the middle getting brighter and brighter until its almost too bright to see, filling up Death’s hands with light.  He sags under the weight of it even though his body is larger.

“If that’s Sam’s soul, I guess it weighs a lot just like he does.” Laughs Dean to himself, smiling as he remembers teasing Sam about how big he’d turned out to be. 

Death turns slowly towards Sam and steps closer, Jesse holding one of Death’s elbows up, helping bear the weight.  He reaches towards Sam’s midsection, pushing the light ball into Sam who doubles over screaming in surprised pain.  Sam cries out and tries to jump back away from Death’s hands, but Jesse is now behind him somehow, holding Sam in place.  The three of them struggle, Jesse using the rest of his powers to hold Sam who is now fighting like a caged wildcat, limbs flailing wildly, Death’s hand still inside Sam’s belly. 

Dean leaps to his feet, not able to stop himself.  He starts striding towards Sam around the pool.  Jesse holds up one hand in a stopping signal and Dean finds himself stopping suddenly.  It’s Sam, right there, right before him and he can’t touch or hold him or try to help him when he’s in pain.  The frustration is mounting having everything he wants right there before him.  Death steps back from Sam suddenly and leans heavily against the altar.  Sam straightens up and shrugs his shoulders a few times, rolls his head from shoulder to shoulder, looks down at Death and Jesse and says a surprised “Hi. What a surprise to see you guys, uh, where am I?”

Dean can’t help it, he croaks out an emotional, “Sam, Sammy, I’m here.”

Sam whips around almost falling over and he beholds Dean, alive and whole, just like he’s been dreaming of for a hundred years.  They walk towards each other, like magnets finding their true home in North. Closing the distance quickly they fall into each other’s arms, holding on so tight; both of them have trouble breathing.  “Am I really out? Is it really you Dean?” Sam asks breathlessly.

Dean leans back and looks up at Sam, tilts up to kiss his lips chastely, “yeah Sammy, you’re out, with me, like I promised.”

”Oh thank god, I thought this was another torture or something.” 

“No Sammy, thanks to Death and Jesse here, you’re free.”

 “What about Lucifer? And Michael? Where are they?”

Dean tears his eyes away from Sam’s face to look over to Death and Jesse, “Uh, they’re still there right guys? Tell me they’re still in the Cage.” 

“Yes Dean, both Lucifer and Michael remain in the Cage, and that’s where they will stay for eternity as far as I know” replies Death.

Sam turns to look over at the altar and bows his head in thanks, “Thank you Death, and Jesse, thank you so much.  I don’t know what I can do to repay you, but thank you.”

“Sam, there isn’t anything you owe us, that debt has been paid.” Jesse looks pointedly at Dean, cluing Sam in so that he knows there’s a big question he’ll be having to ask Dean pretty soon . What the Hell did you do this time? Sums up the look Sam shoots Dean.

“Samuel, I am pleased that you are all here, but there is something we have left to do, an examination of sorts.  It will not be pleasant I’ll warn you.  But it is necessary to check on the state of your soul.”

Sam nods his agreement, “okay, go ahead.”  Dean holds Sam’s arm tightly as Death steps closer and reaches out one spindly hand towards Sam’s midsection in the area where he’d just replaced Sam’s soul, his hand disappears into Sam’s belly with a big burst of yellowy white light, Sam screams in pain and tenses up all over his body, Dean yelling in fear “What are you doing to him? Stop!” 

“Dean, you’ve got to let him finish” Jesse says, holding Dean back.

 Death pulls his hand out and Sam collapses into Dean’s side heavily.  “Okay now Sammy?”Asks Dean, petting the side of his brother’s face with a soft hand. 

Sam’s got his eyes closed still breathing heavily like he’s trying to pull himself out of shock.  “Yeah, yeah ‘m okay now. Just. That was awful.  What was that?”’

“Samuel, I had to assess how your soul has fit back into your body.  When you were in the Cage, your body and soul were separated and have lost most of their usual connections to each other and it wasn’t likely that it would all fit back together properly.  Also, I was assuming that your soul would be quite damaged as you’d spent so much time in the Cage.  Unfortunately I was correct on both counts.  That pain you’re feeling right now is going to increase very quickly to levels that you will not be able to withstand.  I warned Dean about this, but now we will have to do what I’d thought.  I wilI take a part of Dean’s soul and add it to yours, it will be a tricky bit of business, to get it to come together, but it will work. Shall we begin?” Death starts walking towards Sam and stops when he sees the expression on Sam’s face.

“Wait, what? You’re taking part of Dean’s soul and giving it to me? Doesn’t he need it? What will happen to him? I won’t do it if it’s going to hurt him, no way.”  Sam shakes his head, rejecting the idea because he senses there’s a risk to his brother involved.

“Dean’s recently gone through something that has repaired his soul completely, that’s why you are here with us right now in fact.  So he has a completely and fully intact soul that is healthy enough to be able to lose a portion.  It will not re-grow, but Dean will adapt and be just fine.  You on the other hand will not be fine if his donation to you is not incorporated, and soon.”

”What else, what else can happen?” Sam waves one of his arms for emphasis, the other clutched around his mid-section as if he’s trying to hold his soul inside.

“Samuel, there are a lot of side effects as a possible result, I assume that’s what you’re asking?”  Death doesn’t smile exactly, but Sam and Dean can tell that he’s impressed by Sam’s questions.

“Yes, I mean I’ve read about soul bonding spells before, is that what we’re talking about here?”

“In a way, but it isn’t a spell, it’s a physical/meta-physical reality. Let me put it in a way you both can understand. Think of Dean being a pie and we’re cutting off a small portion and adding it to your pie plate which is missing half already.  You’ll both be ¾’s full which will be perfectly fine because you’ll be soul bonded.  But no human can live with half a soul and a very damaged one at that.”

Sam raises his eyebrows as he struggles to understand, “So we’ll be soul bonded or soul connected afterwards?”

“Yes soul connected, that’s a much better way to put it. You will have a permanent connection at the level of your souls.  I am not sure what that will entail in the other levels of your life though.  Sometimes there will be more side-effects like mind-reading, or sensing emotions, that sort of thing.”

Sam looks to Dean for reassurance that he’s okay with this.  Raising his eyebrows in silent question.  Dean nods and smiles.  “Not like you’re giving me much choice” Sam grumbles, “Okay, I guess, let’s do it.”

Jesse motions both of them to go sit on the couch.  They lower themselves down so that their sides are touching, holding hands on the top of their pushed-together thighs.  Sam looks at Dean like he’s drinking his first water after a trek across an empty desert.  “It’s really you.  I can’t believe it, you really did it.”  and he leans in to kiss Dean slowly and deeply.  Dean can’t help but fall into the kiss even though he’s as embarrassed as hell that it’s in front of a not-so-patiently waiting Death and Jesse.  Finally he pulls back, “Sammy, we gotta, uh, let him do this, okay?”

Sam looks him up and down and grins, well almost leers, “yeah okay Dean, just wanted one to remember, just in case.”  They both turn towards Death who is reaching towards Dean, “This will hurt Dean, just like you saw with Sam a little earlier, just let me in though and it will be over quickly.“  Death plunges his thin hand into Dean’s mid-section and turns his wrist.  It’s Dean’s turn to scream out in pain, muscles seizing up completely. 

Sam grips Dean’s arm in real fear at seeing his brother in so much pain.  Death removes his hand with a small blue white handful of light and steps towards Sam, “Again Sam this will hurt, brace yourself.” Dean’s collapsing against Sam when Sam screams out as the piece of Dean’s soul is melded with his own.  They both end up huddled in each other’s arms panting from the remnants of a pain so thorough it’s taken their breath away. 

Soul Mates

“We done now?” asks Dean, trying not to be grumpy but failing completely.

“Yes, it is done.”  Death pats both of their knees with finality and walks back to the altar.

Dean unwraps himself from Sam, stroking his brother’s arm as he gets up, slowly and stiffly.  He walks over to Death and sticks his hand out to shake; Death looks up at him curiously and then smiles slightly  eventually shaking Dean’s hand.  Dean looks Death in the eye and says, “Thank you, for what you did for me, for Sam.  I will never forget it and I will always owe you.” 

“Dean, we discussed this before, you owe me nothing, but I appreciate your gratitude very much.”  He nods and lets go of Dean’s hand, flexing it open and closed, looking at it curiously.  Something tells Dean that Death doesn’t get too much hand-shaking or skin to skin contact from most humans.  Dean turns to Jesse, looking down at this kid who really isn’t a kid at all, and impulsively pulls him in for a hug, “Thank you Jesse, for everything.”  Jesse pats him on the back and steps back to break the hug so he can look up and see Dean’s face, “You’re welcome Dean, I’m really glad that it worked.”

“Me too kid, me too.” Dean looks over at Sam slumped over on the couch, “Feels like my whole world is back now.” He says quietly, almost to himself, but Jesse hears him and smiles.

“Dean, would you like to take Sam to rest in one of the bedrooms? I think he’d be more comfortable than sitting on the couch.  He’s going to be in and out for a few days at least.”  Asks Death, looking at an alarmingly crumpled up Sam.

“How would Chuck feel about that?” Dean asks, all of a sudden wondering if he needs to get them out of there before any smiting starts going down.

“Oh he’ll be fine with it, remember he said it was okay if we tried this.  Sure, he didn’t think you’d survive your trial, but you did and here we are, and he’s not so much of a sore loser anymore.  C’mon, I’ll show you to one of the rooms. Follow me.”  Jesse starts walking towards the door; Dean has Sam in his arms in a flash, scooping him up in a bride carry.  “Ugh, Sammy, you’re too big to do this with.”

“Wha’happ’n Dean?” Sam asks sleepily, curling up against Dean’s neck and nuzzling in.

Dean almost collapses from the sheer joy and pleasure that runs through his body at that small caress.  That plus the Sasquatch-sized load he’s toting of course.  Jesse shows them to one of the rooms at the end of the same hallway as the temple room.  Dean sees that it has a wall of windows looking out on a garden, all the luxury amenities you could ever want, but most importantly, an enormous king-size bed.  Jesse pulls back the covers so Dean can lay Sam down.  Dean runs his hand gently over Sam’s face, who barely reacts. 

“Kind of funny he came back from Hell with his boots still on.  Come to think of it, so did I, both times.”

Jesse laughs, “There should be towels and stuff in the bathroom, help yourselves, and don’t worry about staying for a while.  I promise, no one will mind.”

“’kay, thanks again Jesse.”

“You’re welcome again.  See you tomorrow.” Jesse leaves through the big oak door, shutting it quietly.

Dean turns his attention back to Sam, unlacing and removing his boots, pulling off his jeans, and over shirts, pulling the covers up over him.  All of it a reminder of doing this thousands of times before back when Sam was always just Sammy.  Suddenly with just the thought of their old routine, all he wants is to be curled up in bed around his brother, so he’s undressed down to t-shirt and boxers in a flash, pulling back the covers on his side and just stops cold.  He’s about to get into his brother’s bed for the first time since everything changed between them.  Now that he knows, well everything, it’s just hard to do, especially since Sam is so asleep, so he hesitates.  Maybe he should sleep on the daybed by the window instead, give Sam a chance to say yes or no. 

“Would you quit thinking so much and just get in here already?” Sam grumps sleepily.  Dean smiles and relaxes, “Yeah, okay Sammy.”

Dean arranges himself big spoon style behind his brother, slinging an arm around his waist and pulling him in tight, tangling their feet together.  Sam jerks abruptly, “Dude, your feet are like goddamn bricks of ice!”

“Sorry, must have been from being in that water.”  Dean moves them away.

“No, put ‘em back, just surprised me is all. Want all of you on me.”

“Alright, no more bitching then.  There, that all better princess?”

“Almost, one more thing.”

“God, what is it now?” Dean grumps in mock-exasperation.

“You didn’t give me a kiss goodnight, you know like you always did when you’d tuck me in.”

“You remember that huh?”

“Yeah of course I do.  It’s how I went to sleep every night for most of my childhood Dean.”

‘’Fine Mr. Demander, roll over cause I’m not gettin’ back out and walkin’ around to your side of the bed.”

Sam rolls over looking up at Dean with sleepy yet still twinkling eyes, trying to look as innocent as possible. Dean rolls his eyes and leans over Sam to kiss both of his cheeks, his forehead and his nose and looks into Sam’s eyes.  He sees all the questions lurking that Sam’s going to be asking tomorrow and forever, but most of all he sees the love, love that’s always been there, but now there’s something new.  An expectant curiosity is ranging over Sam’s expressions, Dean thinks he’s never seen this particular look on Sam’s face before.   “Can you feel it Dean?” he whispers.

“Feel what?”

“The soul connection thing, can you feel it?”  Sam asks with growing excitement.

“Nope, don’t think so, not yet.”

“I can, feels, well, it feels good.  Thanks for agreeing to do that.”

“What? Make a soul donation for you, course I did, what would you think I’d do?”

“No, nothing like that, I just wanted to thank you, because of the risk you took.  We’re probably going to be even more wrapped up together if we’re reading each other’s minds or emotions or whatever, and oh god I can feel it already, you’re getting mad at me aren’t you?  You’re mad that I’m bringing this up because you’re looking forward to it, finally getting to know my thoughts since I never share them and hide stuff from you, and so you’re actually really glad about it because you won’t have to talk about it because I’ll already know everything.  Huh, how about that? Was I right or what, is that what you’re thinking or uh feeling?”

Dean huffs and flops back down onto the bed, “Yeah.”

‘Well, this is going to take some getting used to.”

“Better go both ways, wouldn’t be fair otherwise.”

“Just give it time Dean, probably I’m feeling it before you since my soul was so damaged like Death said, you’ll feel me, one way or the other.”

Dean doesn’t bother responding or saying anything, because he knows there’s no point, Sam can feel it all now anyways, so he lets loose with the  curious thoughts he’d had back in the temple room about kissing and wanting someone he loves for the first time, just as an experiment to see what Sam does.

“I never thought of it that way. This is like a first time for you, don’t worry Dean, I’ll make it good, I swear.”

“We’re not talking about this.  I can’t help you feeling it from me, but I swear Sam, I’ll get right out of this bed right fucking now if you don’t shut the hell up about it.” Dean’s embarrassed beyond telling, he knows Sam’s not really teasing him, but he feels so raw and exposed because Sam can feel everything and he can’t.

Sam doesn’t answer him, getting flooded with the angry redness that is Dean’s embarrassment and anger over getting teased about something so important by this man that he loves beyond all comprehension, that flood turns into the most indescribable beautiful flow of feeling from his brother, he almost starts crying right then and there.  And he’d never hear the end of that of course, so instead he rolls over on top of Dean, trapping his brother’s body completely and kisses him slowly and deeply.  The incoming emotional flow from Dean turns into an excited flurry of sparks and heat; this must be lust and want, if he’s anything like Sam is.

Sam smiles as he keeps kissing Dean, learning the taste, texture and shape of his brother’s mouth and lips.  This is so much better than that kiss they’d shared in his dream or even the one in the temple room, this kiss is full of beginnings and promises and finally-it’s-about-time urgency.  Dean moans and writhes under his brother, feeling beyond happy that Sam had shut up and kissed him, maybe this mind-reading thing isn’t so bad after all, he decides to consciously send Sam a message to see if he gets it.  He decides to just go for it and send what he wants.  Sam pulls away from the kiss as he receives a clear vision of both of them naked and rubbing off against each other until they come.  “That what you want Dean?” he asks breathlessly.

Dean answers him with a thrust of his hips, striving to align them a little more comfortably, and starts up a pulsing rhythm.  Sam gets the idea quickly and returns it, grinding down in time, but trying to pull their boxers down.  “Hold on. Wait a sec.”  He pulls Dean’s t-shirt up and off, and Dean looks up at him and returns the favor, their hands roaming up and down now bare chests, fingers circling nipples and palms resting on their matching tattoos. 

“Now these” Sam tugs at Dean’s boxers, and Dean lifts up enough so Sam can pull them all the way off, getting rid of his too.  “Now where were we?”

Dean flips them over and slots himself right in where he belongs, “Here, Sammy right where we’re supposed to be.”  He starts the rhythm back up and Sam responds, slowly increasing the pace as it gets wetter and more slippery.  Sam starts getting flooded with that sparking hot feeling again as Dean begins to climax, waves of heatlustlovemineyourseverythingSammy over and over until he can’t help but join Dean.  They lay there, panting together in time, kissing softly and slowly now, hands petting and calming. 

Dean smiles down at Sam, “Yeah, that’s what I wanted, thanks Sammy.”

“Yeah, me too. Thanks Dean.” Sam practically purrs back at him, stretching his body beneath his brother’s.

And there’s so much there in Sam’s thanks that Dean understands even without being able to read Sam’s mind quite yet.  Dean gets up and goes to the bathroom to clean up and Sam turns to watch his brother’s beautiful naked form and counts himself the luckiest man on Earth.  To have this, with the one he loves more than anything, to be finally free, it’s too much all at once and he wishes that Dean could feel this from him, because he knows if he says it Dean will freak out or sock him or something, so all he can do is wipe tears of joy from his eyes before Dean comes back and waggles his eyebrows lasciviously at Dean to get him to laugh instead.  “Enjoying the view are we?” laughs Dean as he gently cleans Sam up with a warm washcloth.

“Uh huh.” Sam says sleepily, all of it catching up with him all of a sudden, coming back from Hell, and finally being together with Dean; it’s a lot for one day, even for him.

“Good thing, cause you’re stuck with me now.” Dean ruffles his brother’s hair, seeing that he’s drifting off to sleep already.

“I know, you are too you know, you’re stuck with me too.” Sam whispers and is out cold.

Dean sighs when he sees that his brother is asleep and pulls the covers up over him gently and gets in on his side of their bed.  Mentally kicking himself for thinking like that already, before they’ve even figured out how this is going to work between them.  He does let himself hold Sam though; he lets himself have that at least, considering it his due payment for all he went through to get Sam back here.  Dean falls asleep wondering how he’s going to face Chuck in the morning after getting their come all over his sheets, which leads to some interesting dreams.


Before Dean even knows he’s awake, he feels the perfect hot wet suction on his cock, and then he feels a wave of lust and desire at the idea that his mouth is filled up by the perfect weight and taste of his brother.  He realizes that first of all, Sam really has some skills, and secondly the mind-reading thing seems to have started to work for him.  Sam’s flickering tongue and hollowed out reddened cheeks and lust-filled hazel eyes greet him as he props himself up on his elbows.  Sam raises his eyebrows silently asking if this is okay or not.  Dean just groans happily and thrusts up into his brother’s capable mouth.

“God Sammy, so good.” Dean moans as he feels the connection between them spark into life as it feeds off each other’s feelings and emotions.  The response he feels ricochets back to Sam and comes back to him, amplifying everything until he’s not sure who’s doing who at the moment.  Dean gives up trying to figure it out and let’s himself go and comes down Sam’s throat.  Sam swallows around him, his throat fluttering deliciously about Dean’s sensitive tip, then pulls off to lick his brother clean as softly as he can.  Dean’s hit with an incoming wave of sated contentment and pure happiness from Sam, all’s right with his world as far as he’s concerned.  No big deal, just waking up my big brother with a morning blow job.

“So you’re up early.  How you feeling?” Dean asks as Sam crawls up over him nestling down right on top of his body.

“Yeah, someone didn’t close the curtains last night, so the sunlight woke me up.  And I’m feeling good, lots better after all that.” Sam grins down at him.

“Yeah I know, I got that. Like I really got that, soul-bond thing is working for me now.”

“Pretty awesome isn’t it? Like double the fun when we, uh, you know.” Sam says shyly.

“Sammy, Sammy, Sammy, what have I always told you, If you can’t say it out loud with a straight face, you’re not ready to do it.” Dean shakes his head mockingly, eyes twinkling up at Sam because it’s just too ridiculous that Sam who was just giving him fantastic head can’t even say the words out loud.

“Shut up jerk.  Get up and find me some damn breakfast.” Sam rolls off of Dean and whacks him in the stomach.

Dean grabs Sam’s hand holding him still, “Oh no way bitch, we’re facing them all together, I ain’t doing this alone.”

“What do you mean? Who are we facing?”

“We’re uh, in God’s house right now Sam.  Oh and by the way, God is Chuck and also Crowley.”

“Wait, what?  This is God’s house? Is this where Jesse and Death brought me back last night?  How is God both Chuck and Crowley?  That doesn’t make any sense.”

“Yeah, it really is His house.  When I used the amulet; which was right where you said it was, thanks by the way; an angel brought an invite to come here, which is in Santa Barbara.  I got here and Chuck answered the door, and let me in on the minor detail that he’s actually God.  Then he changed into Crowley and said something about having to be the bad guy sometimes.”

“You mean we’ve just had sex twice in God’s house?”

“Yeah, pretty much.  See why I don’t want to go hunting up breakfast on my own now?”

Sam flops back onto the bed and pulls the covers over his head.  “’m never getting out of this bed, s’too embarrassing.”

Dean sits next to him and pulls the covers back so he can see his brother’s face and demands, “What you’re embarrassed to be seen with me now?”

“No, but He’ll know what we did, because He knows everything right? And it’s just too…”

“I know, me too.  But after what I had to say out loud in front of him, I think you can manage, c’mon princess, up and at ‘em.” Dean stands up and starts gathering up their clothes which are strewn about the floor.

Sam’s watching him closely, “Dean, what did you have to say?”

Dean blushes a deep red and goes over his written list in his head, especially the last item, hoping that it gets sent to Sam, because he can’t say this out loud, much as he wishes he could, he just can’t, not yet anyways.  He watches to see if the message comes through to Sam and can see the second it hits because Sam jumps up out of bed and wraps him in the biggest hug they’ve shared since, well, since they were jumping into the Cage. 

“Thank you Dean. Thank you so much for all of it.  I love you too.”  Sam kisses Dean deeply and completely, leaving them both a little breathless at the power even just their kisses have over them, now that the soul-bond works so well.

“So what did God say when you told him that last one?” asks Sam, curious to hear what God’s in-person opinion on incest might be.

“Didn’t blink an eye, so I think it’ll all be okay, hell, we’ll probably be more uncomfortable than they will.” Dean says as reassuringly as he can manage.

“Okay, but if I get smited I’m haunting your ass.” Sam teases enjoying the flicker of appreciation he sees in Dean’s eye as he leans over to pick up his clothes.

“Fine, just get dressed already; I don’t think God will appreciate the Full-Monty at breakfast.”

Chapter 7

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