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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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Supernatural is my complete obsession. I haven't loved a tv show this completely since the X-Files, not even Buffy. This brother relationship is so engrossing and enthralling, Sam/Dean is my OTP. I've found the fandom is truly amazing, so much great writing, vidding and photo-art. I've been inspired to add my own fic and very newbie photoshop efforts here. I named this blog The Wanting Comes In Waves after The Decemberists Hazards of Love song which applies to Sam and Dean in my head canon. I'll admit that I'm a total DeanGirl and love Sam almost as much as Dean does. I loved how they used classic rock in Supernatural in the early seasons. And most of that music was stuff I listened to back when it was originally on the radio, because I'm old. Like over 50 old. My greatest accomplishment lately is to get my entire family to be into Supernatural with me, including both of my teenagers and several of their friends.
FYI: My fic is not labeled with who tops or bottoms, I'm just into writing wincest in whatever form suits the story.

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